Miss Bly / Clean Bee
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Artist:Miss Bly   Added:Apr 2004

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Recent Airplay
1. Oct 13, 2004: The Dog and Pony Show
The Frog
4. Aug 30, 2004: Storytime! -- subbing for PACC
The Frog
2. Oct 02, 2004: music that doesn't hurt dogs and ponies
Debbie Says
5. Aug 17, 2004: The Literate Pop Fans
River Phoenix
3. Sep 22, 2004: press and release
Man in School

Album Review
Kathryn Todd
Reviewed 2004-07-24
Charming, well-crafted, poppy songs about the trials of the 1980’s suburban tween in a variety of styles. Guitar, bass, drums, and clear pleasing female vocals. No FCC’s.
Track 1: Velvety thick guitar texture. Frog prince story. Catchy.
Track 2: Confessional vocals, slow, a bit tune- and rhythm-less. Short. Childish lyrics: Debbie says she can run faster than me.
Track 3: Melody is evocative of 80’s metal-pop (Aerosmith or Motley Crue), but slower and quieter. A little ominous.
Track 4: Quiet intro. Am I just paranoid, or is the melody from that Green Day song? River Phoenix is dead, so he can’t be anyone else’s boyfriend.
Track 5: That 1950’s croony vocal harmony (overdubbed). Surfer guitars.
Track 6: Slow. Mournful clear vocals acoustic-y guitars. I stole my best friend’s cool purse.
Track 7: Driving guitars. Why does he like my friend instead of me?
Track 8: Strummy country guitar intro. Big tempo variations. Imaginary boyfriend.
Track 9: Driving growly rhythmic guitars. Low ominous vocals.
Track 10: Quiet rhythmic guitar intro increases in volume and aggression. Song about a bad boy. Overdubbed vocals. Ends on (comparatively speaking) a power chord.
Track 11: Energetic guitars. High prominent vocals. Punky. Tempo change in middle.
Track 12: Organ. Disco-y. Clapping section with a yelp in the middle.
Track 13: Underwater sound. Quiet. Hissy background. Mournful overdubbed vocals are not in tune. Electric guitar played one note at a time.

Track Listing
1. The Frog   7. She N Me
2. Debbie Says   8. Randy
3. Billy   9. Quarterback
4. River Phoenix   10. Dracula
5. Terrible Day   11. Wanda
6. Gina's Purse   12. Man in School
  13. Lion on the Loose