Sexy Lilliputians, the / Sexy Lilliputians, the
Album: Sexy Lilliputians, the   Collection:General
Artist:Sexy Lilliputians, the   Added:Apr 2004
Label:Headphone Friendly  

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Album Review
pat blue ribbon
Reviewed 2004-06-07

The Sexy Lilliputans -- s/t

Goofy weirdness of many sorts. A laff riot! Whoa! Goofy, strange 80s covers of Prince and Def Leppard, great political parodies of Enron and Republican warmongers, songs about Star Wars characters, elements of Spike Jones and Weird Al and song-poems and general weird brilliance
PICKS: 5, 6, 7, 11, 12, 15, 17, 18, 19, 21, 22, 23, 25
FCC: 2, 10, 17, 22
1. glittery rock ballad about Hemingway and his progeny, turns into tribal beat, chanting, loungy ending
2. cheesy bluesy rock song about Han Solo, FCC: motherfucker (slighted edited)
3. short, high-pitched Hank Williams voice singing "She Drives Me Crazy"
4. strange a capella singing/moaning, keyboards come in later, rises in intensity
5. hilarious, kid voice, Jesus wanting an oil pipeline, Satan,
6. superhero parody about "Enron Man" and "Oval Office Boy" and the Enron swindle -- great
7. 3 versions of Prince's "Let's Go Crazy": first, white man preacher with orchestra in background, then another version of same song spoken by man to a crying baby, then a third version with an evil villian voice
8. coughing, piano+accodion, drunken singing about fondue set, Tom Waits parody?
9. very short, chanting about Lando Calrissian (Star Wars) + spoons
10. cheesy lounge singer/beat poet, about brains, FCC "shit"
11. sound effects quiz, great!
12. 30-40s ragtime/polka about US policies, Iraq, Kyoto Protocol, FTAA, "Brand New Vietnam" GREAT!
13. short, bossa nova about worshiping money, all religious having the same god
14.short, "the middle of the CD" , dog barking
15. noisy rock song about the brother of Ron Howard, who was on Star Trek, good
16. playground noises, another spoken cover of "Let's Go Crazy"
17. hilarious, county ballad about white male patriarchy, TV superheroes -- FCC "shit"
18. delta blues, about pretty folk in Hollywood
19. polka version of Def Leppard's "Pour Some Sugar on Me" -- woo hoo!
20. short, backwards vocals, bells+bongos,
21. short, Legal ID for "the radio station for your penis", great
22. british female vocals, noisy rock, about Bush family, good FCC "fuck"
23. crowd noises, echoey God voice "You Fools!", dark keyboards
24. different version of track 10, voice sped up/slowed down
25. bird noises, guitar noodling, strange high voices, parody of Ashcroft's famous horrible song, GREAT
26. hidden track at 1:15 remaining, eating sounds, echoing voice speaking yet another cover of "Let's Go Crazy"

Track Listing
1. Hey Hemingway   13. The Same God
2. Flyin Solo   14. Middle of the Cd
3. Hank-A-Fied   15. Clint Howard
4. Hoarse   16. Playground
5. Jesus Wants An Oil Pipeline   17. I Feel Like Aquaman
6. Enron Man   18. Hollywood Ugly
7. Three Portraits of Terry   19. Def Leppard Polka
8. Fondue Set   20. I Know a Tom
9. Lando!   21. The Tool
10. Brains   22. The Washington Hillbillies
11. Sound Effects Quiz   23. Fools@
12. Brand New Vietnam   24. Brains 2
  25. Hush Eagle, Hush