Various Artists / No W... Now!
Album: No W... Now!   Collection:General
Artist:Various Artists   Added:Mar 2004
Label:Passive Aggressive Record  

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No Fair
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Let Running Dog Imperialists, Gob Wee Shrub
2. Aug 04, 2004: press and release
My Country
5. Jun 13, 2004: rust belt
Gob Wee Shrub
3. Jul 06, 2004: The Literate Pop Fans
Oliveros, Paulina - A Poem of Change
6. Jun 13, 2004: The Princess Picks
The March of the Fourth Reic

Album Review
Reviewed 2004-06-11
Diverse, eclectic collection assembled solely for the purpose of ridding us of W. Some cool tracks, but unfortunately, the lyrics are the weak side of this compilation. People, cursing will not get us anywhere! The only reasonable “song” (i.e., music with sung lyrics) track is 16. However, lots of other interesting tracks on this album. Start with 15, 15, 15 (not a typo) and also 10, 6, 4, 5, 2, and 16. NOTICE: THE TRACK LIST KEYED IN IS WRONG (tracks 14/15 were merged by the keyer, and track 15 on the list is 16 on the CD and in the review).

1. “Asshole” FCC (is it?) [2:58] Spoken word, not too clever or funny, no backdrop, cited like a poem, and goes acapella solo at the end.
2. [5:50] Melancholic trumpet starts, stand-up bass joins in, traditional-sounding standard becomes more experimental and bizarre, with erratic drumming.*
3. [3:06] Mid/high tempo folk, fast strumming, trembling male vocals, “I will not die for my country” (what *will* you die for, dude? be positive!).
4. [4:53] Cool experimental electronic-processed Jazz. Bass, keyboard, drums, a bit noisy, mid-temp stompy beat.*
5. [4:28] Experimental piece; noisy loops on a laptop and steel guitar. Faint jungly beat comes in towards the end.*
6. [3:56] W-sampling (and others) over chill electronica beats and cello.*
7. [1:40] Top-of-the-lungs experimental sax solo.
8. [5:08] Experimental, drums (heavy on the cymbals), bells, many different sounds.
9. [5:05] Lo-fi vocals (W?) sampled and heavily scattered and loops over quiet noise, builds up with guitar towards the end, false end, last 30 secs just samples again. coooool stuff.*
10. [1:57] No wave synth stump, short synth tune develops and repeats, vocals appear shortly. Yes!*
11. [7:58] Minimal experimental soprano sax solo.
12. FCC [2:49] Guitar punk/rock with not-too-sublime lyrics directed towards W. High tempo, tons of FCC.
13. [4:01] Two wailing guitars and a piano, slow, quiet instrumental.
14. [3:39] Unstable Ensemble - Gob Wee Shrub. Experimental: sax begins, other instruments and looped noise, guitar.
15. [10:26] Pauline Oliveros - A Poem of Change. Excellent, long, poem/theatrical piece. Starts with thunders/explosions, lingers quietly as lyrics/questions are spoken out loud occasionally, and “change” is whispered. Slow, spooky backdrop, various war sound effects at key moments. Hypnotic change!! **
16. [4:49] Country/folk solo about a turkey farm in Texas and a history of the W administration. Most interesting lyrics on this album, and turkey sound effects! (ends with W fumbling yet another sentence, with turkey gobble).*

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Elliott, Andrew Post Cold War Guilt Song
2. R. Ruzow's Subterraneans Study War no More
3. Boys Suck My Country
4. Fred, Jacob Jazz Odyssey The March of the Fourth Reic
5. Sharp, Elliott These Days
6. Newpoetic Illuminated
7. Rosenberg, Scott Rhrr
8. White Out Let Running Dog Imperialists
9. Sansone, Brady There's no W in President
10. Lozenge No Fair
11. Wright, Jack There's no Music Like no Mus
12. Threat Language Hey George
13. Connore, Loren Murgai, Neel Excerpt From Thomas Paine
14. Oliveros, Pauline Gob Wee Shrub
15. Jones, Lea Turkeys in Texas