Foibles / Hacienda Science Magnet Assem
Album: Hacienda Science Magnet Assem   Collection:General
Artist:Foibles   Added:Mar 2004

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Brazil - Trad
4. Sep 19, 2004: Oh Messy Life
Mailmans Drunk
2. Oct 16, 2005: Multiple Personality Disorder
The Pink Slip to the Right, You Happy Assassin
5. Sep 06, 2004: Short Song Marathon--Tom, Mr. Sparkle, and Mor fill in
Intermission, Peanut Harvet Intro
3. Oct 03, 2004: Oh Messy Life
The Pink Slip to the Right
6. Sep 06, 2004: Short Song Marathon - Part 3
The Pink Slip to the Right

Album Review
Reviewed 2004-05-11
Political acoustic anti folk from SF’s Phil Dumesnil. Brief short tunes and short clear political messages. Extremely lo-fi aesthetics. This is a collection of 4 EPs ranging from 1998 to 2003 (see track-by-track). The first is the most politically relevant today. The second is a draft for a prison rock opera. The third consists of three covers. The last, as the sleeve says, “is 3 songs long”. Best and most relevant tracks are in the first EP. Favs: 2, 3, 6, 7 (FCC), 13, 14, 17, 21, 26. FCC:2,7,10,11,16

“America is Shit… Just Shit” EP
1. Intro.
(2) FCC. Guitar, accordion, nice mellow tune.*
(3) Ukulele strumming, recorder, cute lyrics (note the title), mid-tempo.*
4. Take on the famous kids’ song. Slow, mellow.
5. Mid tempo guitar strumming, clapping, “holes in the president’s head”.
((6)) Clear Channel bashing! Excellent. Heavy, acoustic strumming. **
(7). FCC. Of Patriots and privacy and war. FCC “We’re so fucked” but you can fade out after “the leader you did not elect” with 1:25 remaining (last 1:06 clean, as well). Mellow guitar and harp-like towards the end.*
8. Interlude.

“Chain me Good EP”
9. Urgent strumming, la-la-la, mid-high tempo.
10. FCC. Fuzzed vocals, distortion, mid-tempo.
11. FCC. Acoustic strumming, sweet keyboards, suicide song.
12. High tempo strumming, about a circus which is the state penitentiary.
(13) Guitar picking, sad male and female vocals, slow tempo, “kiss my ass”.*
(14) Quirky love song, fast strumming. *
15. Male+female vocals, mid tempo strumming.
16. FCC, mellow strumming.
(17) Distorted intro and bridge, fast strumming, about execution, Jesus and pretty boys in heaven.*
18. Slow, background vocals la-la-la’ing.
19. Fast tempo, mellow drums and bass added.
20. Filler.

“Copyright Infringement” EP
(21) Cover of the famous tune, starts with slow accordion, varies later with some psychedelic guitar.*
22. Drumming over acoustic guitar, fast. Cover of Reed/Velvet.
23. Different, dominant keyboard, distorted. Cover.
24. Filler

“Passive Cavity Resonator” EP
25. Drum + strum. Mid/high tempo.
26. * Folk punk, high tempo.
27. Ukulele, fast strumming.

Track Listing
1. Peanut Harvet Intro   14. Roman Mafia
2. Make Believe Murders   15. Mailmans Drunk
3. The Triumph of the American   16. Stage Play in Theroy
4. Operation Hokie Pokie   17. Pretty Boy in Heaven
5. You Happy Assassin   18. Scatter the Ashes
6. The Pink Slip to the Right   19. Prision Riots Are a Gas
7. /   20. Intermission
8. Intermission   21. Brazil - Trad
9. Chain Me Good   22. Shes My Best Friend
10. Someday a Butterfly   23. Letter From Constance
11. Corpse in the Trunck   24. Intermission
12. Commercial for the Product   25. Spring Junkies Bloom Needles
13. Our Warden's Lament   26. Catatonic Teen Pledge Drive
  27. Lucy Bum Social