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Artist:Orodruin   Added:Mar 2004

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Epicurean Mass

Album Review
Reviewed 2004-03-22
Doom metal with a sound that has obvious influences from the past. Yes, Black Sabbath is the obvious influence but more so bands like St Vitus, Pentagram, and Cathedral. Slow, sad, heavy and melodic metal that isn’t afraid to venture into blues solo-ing like Black Sabbath with vocals you can understand. Despite being on a Hungarian record label, the band is from Rochester, NY. Their name is from Lord of the Rings so they must be metal right?

1. I rarely like metal song intros but this is a nice organ solo. Dark and ominous.
**2. One thing I’ve always liked about doom is that it can often mix beautiful sounds with heavy sad sounds and this track does it. This track also goes through a lot of changes. This is a classic doom metal sound.
3. Big medium paced riff that slows way down when the singing enters. More melodic singing. The song eventually picks up the pace but quickly abandons the speed for a melodic breakdown and then guitar solo.
4. After a longer instrumental intro the somewhat deadpan vocals kick in. This track never grabbed me for some reason that I can’t describe.
5. At first I thought they were playing a heavy version of the Munster’s theme song. A big heavy guitar riff and “deep” lyrics about life and truth. Melodic breakdown in the middle with what sounds like hand drums.
**6. A bit faster and heavier but with its foot in classic rock. The track slows down and gets heavy when the vocals come in. Feel the doom sadness. In classic Sabbath style they eventually kick into an almost gallop with a quick solo.
**7. Catchy vocals with simpler riff. Classic metal bleak outlook of war by painting a picture of it instead of just saying it’s bad. Some keyboards in the middle breakdown, while our warrior tells us about preparing to die. Classic.
8. Longer track at over 8 minutes. This track goes through lots of changes and sounds including organ only in the middle.

Good stuff -mph

Track Listing
1. The Welcoming   5. Unspeakable Truth
2. Peasants Lament   6. Burn the Witch
3. Meloncholia   7. War Cry
4. Pierced By Cruel Winds   8. Epicurean Mass