Various Artists / Disturbing the Peace
Album: Disturbing the Peace   Collection:General
Artist:Various Artists   Added:Mar 2004
Label:Six Weeks  

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Album Review
Reviewed 2004-03-22
An amazing collection of hardcore, thrash, punk and metal with most of the bands being from the bay area. 15 bands, 32 tracks, only 5 of which are 2 minutes long with 16 under a minute. Lots of great speedy, intense, hardcore.

Tracks 1-5 Dystrophy – Fast with intense vocals. Straight forward fast hardcore. These tracks never let up. All tracks have at least one fuck you can sorta understand. Track 5 is my favorite with extra intense vocals and almost a breakdown.
Tracks 6-7 Deadfall – Oh man….chaotic and fast with vocals you can understand. Great chaos. Track 6 rules but says bull shit a lot.
Track 7 is an anti-skinhead track with a sense of humor.
Track 8 Iron Lung – Slower and more discordant with a great catchy chorus. More punk sounding. Damn this rules.
Tracks 9-10 Voetsek – Speedy and a little lowfi. Is that the drummer singing because that doesn’t sound like Ami. Track 10 is short and sweet.
Track 11 Hatemail Killerz – Holy shit check those vocals. This is super lofi and fast with some great screams. This is two tracks just run right together. Chaos.
Tracks 12-13 Scurvy Dogs – More of a fast punk sound.
Tracks 14-15 Case of Emergency – 80s sounding noisy hardcore.
Tracks 16-17 Blow to Bits – Heavy with some metal thrown. Somewhat of a crossover sound. Catchy choruses.
Tracks 18-19 Born/Dead – Slightly crusty hardcore. Track 18 has a nice breakdown with one fuck.
Track 20-22 S.T.F.U – Holy shit track 20 starts with some brutal screams and great tradeoff vocals. This band has gotten faster and more intense than I remember them. The vocals are someplace between intense female hardcore vocals and old Accused vocals. Track 22 is so much like old Accused.
Track 23 Brainoil – Slow, heavier, more metal. Think stoner rock meets hardcore with bands like Eye Hate God.
Track 24 Exit Wound – Ominous intro into metalish slow noisy stuff. Gruff vocals you can’t understand. Almost grindcore.
Tracks 25-28 Doppelganger - Fast power violence with a sense of humor. Good stuff.
Tracks 29-31 Funeral Shock – Old school sounding hardcore. First track has a number of fucks.
Track 32 Desolation – Vocals you can’t understand over slightly crusty guitar.

I love almost ever track!!! -mph

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Dystrophy Were's the Kids?
2. Dystrophy Kicked in the Teeth
3. Dystrophy No Answers
4. Dystrophy Won't Be Fooled
5. Dystrophy The Price I Pay
6. Deadfall No One Cares What You Have T
7. Deadfall Skinhead Starter Kit
8. Iron Lung The System
9. Voetsek They
10. Voetsek Walk the Plank
11. Hatemail Killerz Don't Cry Cuze We Broke Up/D
12. Scurvy Dogs Who Shatin the Crispers??!
13. Scurvy Dogs Kiss My Talibuns
14. Case of Emergency Knight Takes Queen
15. Case of Emergency What I See
16. Blown to Bits Axis of Evil
17. Blown to Bits Santa Sangre
18. Born/Dead Fuck Religion
19. Born/Dead I Can't Deal with It
20. S.T.F.U. Denial
21. S.T.F.U. Support Big Oil, Release Mor
22. S.T.F.U. Muni Bomb
23. Brainoil Altered State
24. Exitwound The Hammer
25. Doppelganger Powerviolence Is Like So Las
26. Doppelganger Hard to Swallow
27. Doppelganger Spare the Rod, Spoil the Fac
28. Doppelganger Dichotomy
29. Funeral Shock Stop Fucking Around
30. Funeral Shock When I Die
31. Funeral Shock We Mean Business (Neon Chris
32. Desolation Awake