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Album Review
Reviewed 2004-03-10
Takaru – A Light in the Attic (diy)
Screamo hardcore from the Bay Area. This is heavy and fast but doesn’t venture into metal or metalcore at all, which is refreshing. They use a lot of quiet the loud dynamics in their songs. Includes ex-members of A Days Refrain and Funeral Diner and is not far from Funeral Diner’s sound.

Side A
1. Discordant guitar to begin and not very heavy into lots of screaming. Somewhat sloppy.
**2. Starts out fast with lots of screaming, changes to a nice melodic section then gets heavy. Lots of use of octaves on the guitar which I like.
**3. One of the fastest and heaviest tracks on the record. This just pummels you into the ground. Ends quiet and sad.
4. More melodic, slower and more bass.
5. Some fast blasts on the drums that aren’t exactly blast beats but close. One of the heavier tracks but with a quiet, melodic part right in the middle.
Side B
**1. Lots of different sounds and changes on this track. There is some guitar jangle, some octaves, and some heavy parts. The drums change lots including one point were they have a big rolling sound.
2. Starts with rolling drums and has more of a straight ahead hardcore feel. There are even a couple heavy chugs on guitar thrown in. Beware of the fake ending on this track.
**3. Starts sounding like indie rock. Then bursts into some screamo. There guitar actually plays a riff and there are gang backing vocals.
4. More melodic. Somewhat of a repetitive vocal delivery. Maybe the only track on here I don’t like.
**5. Fast and heavy with those, almost blasts on drums. Two different vocalists and lower gruff sound and the usual scream-o screaming. A great breakdown with some high notes on the guitar.
6. Melodic sad intro into a hard rock groove with riff. Of course it’s still got the screaming so it doesn’t sound like a hard rock song. Then they make a quick change to some quick heavy hardcore. The low gruff screams are back.
Really good stuff! -mph

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. A Light in the Attic Only in Lies
2. A Light in the Attic Moments and Monuments
3. A Light in the Attic Even Plagues
4. A Light in the Attic The Remembered Break in Time
5. A Light in the Attic In Communication
6. Takaru 160 Lbs. of Fury
7. Takaru True Mathematics
8. Takaru Torrential Reigns
9. Takaru 1849 Revisited
10. Takaru A Truly Clearchannel
11. Takaru C.Owardly F.Eeding S.Ilence