Trubee, John & The Ugly Janitors Of America / Blind Man's Penis, Prank Phone
Album: Blind Man's Penis, Prank Phone   Collection:General
Artist:Trubee, John & The Ugly Janitors Of America   Added:Mar 2004
Label:Musical Tragedies  

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Album Review
Your Imaginary Friend
Reviewed 2004-03-30
Trubee just sent us this from his present digs up in Santa Rosa as promo to his gig at Studio Z last month. Trubee is probably most famous for penning the classic prototypical song-poem that entitles this CD (track 7) as a spoof of the entire song-poem industry (he did this in the late 60’s as a mischievious teenager- the original text read “Stevie Wonder’s penis…”but the song poem company changed the lyric, fearful of litigation. For more info, true enlightenment, pleasure, see “The American Song Poem Anthology” in the collections section). Active in music for over 30 years now, this CD is an anthology of a master spoofer, cynic. His forte seems to be the prank phone call- either literally or metaphorically. His songs have a “normal” sheen but soon you realize that he is yanking your chain. As an “old guy” you must forgive the 70’s psyche/prog sensibilities of much of his music (tracks do in fact range from ’72-’99). But he more than makes up for it with his masterful use of noise and effects/tape manipulation. Great stuff. The more musically curious of ou will research this cult figure more. Or rather, you should.

Tracks are either “songs” or prank phone calls. I will segregate them below.
FCC warnings: 2,3

1) upbeat semi retro pop, good low fi irreverent feel
4) lame funk rock, yeesh this guy is weird
6) righteous tape speed manipulation noise, waaaaay out there, the shit
7) classic song poem, as penned by trubee
8) cheesy 70’s rock ballad feel
9) whoa, near cheesy smooth musak, gak! Acid dripping lyrics make this truly weird though
11) prog jazz, instrumental, so-so
13) 60’s flavored dark rock ballad about ageism, really dark, miserable desite music, 30 second fade out
15) more 60’s-ish dramatic ballad feeling stuff, ever get the feeling you’ve been swindled?
20) hey! A burping “song”, weird tape loops, noise with echoey burps

Prank phone calls:
5) call about wallpaper, lots of faux technical talk, degrades to trademark echoes
10) call to liquor store, whatever
12) huh?
14) painful, “are you okay?”
16) ear wigs, truly bizarre
17) motel reservation
18) drug abuse hotline, vomiting sounds
19) painting models

Track Listing
1. Now I Step Over   11. Driving Around New Jersey
2. Infinity, Infinity   12. Numismatic Phantasmagoria
3. A Hollywood Harlot   13. Youre Getting Old
4. Cast Me Off in the Shadows   14. White Enamel
5. Polychromates in the   15. Gonna Be a Hard Rain
6. Deaf Womans Vagina   16. Zsa Zsa Gabor Earwig
7. Blind Mans Penis   17. Lubrication for Her Diaphram
8. When My Ship Rolls in   18. Drug Hotline in Trenton
9. Summer Sun   19. Nazi Armymen/ Taint the Pain
10. Electric Bemis   20. Punch Me Again Ya Druken