Stern, Leni / Black Guitar
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Artist:Stern, Leni   Added:Mar 2004

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Album Review
Craig Matsumoto
Reviewed 2004-04-11
Soft pop/folk songs, with occasional "lite" blues and touches of new age, from guitarist Stern (German-born wife of jazz guitarist Mike Stern). Most tracks try too hard to be pretty and/or relaxing -- reflective mood-setters, the kind of stuff that's popular with aging classic-rockers.

Stern is best known for instrumental blues. Her voice is good and well suited to this kind of music, with only an occasional hint of her accent. She's a competent blues guitarist, which adds some flair to these tracks, but overall there's little here that's new and plenty that's old hat, and the smooth-jazz touches on 11 and 13 are just wrong.

1- Soft pop/folk. Mid/slow, warmly reflective 2- Funk lite, with a mid/fast snap. Starts slow and atmospheric
3- Slow folk
4- Slow, w/embarrassing "ghostly" backing vocals
6- Gentle blues, w/some male vocals
8- Romatically bluesy, with B3 organ & male vocal
9- Slow
11- Slow, with gruesome smooth-jazz sax.
13- Smooth jazz. Romantic, sappy


5- Gentle, engaging, mid/fast. Starts slow.
7,10,12- Mid/fast guitar noodlings over slow synths. New agey, trite. Not recommended.
14- Soft, wandering, at a mid/fast pace. Athletic drum segment.

Track Listing
1. Can Joe Cocker...   8. So Good to You
2. Chinatown Revisited   9. Black Guitar
3. Mary Magdalene   10. Lynda
4. City Sing for Me   11. One Day
5. Sandbox   12. Ghost Money
6. Mercy in the Night   13. Why's Your Skin So White
7. Jesse   14. Silverline