Backstabbers Incorporated / Bare As Bones
Album: Bare As Bones   Collection:General
Artist:Backstabbers Incorporated   Added:Feb 2004
Label:Blackmarket Activities  

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Album Review
Ragnar of Ravensfjord
Reviewed 2004-07-18
Backstabbers Inc. - Bare As Bones (Blackmarket) This is some pretty pissed off mix of grind, ultra-fast hardcore, power-violence & a little bit of metal. When they do metal-core sounding stuff they leave out most of the shitty parts that too many other bands waste their time with. For this one think: Benümb, Deadboidieseverywhere, Wolfbrigade, Skitsystem, Left For Dead, Converge (sans their silly Slayer fixation) and a serious love of crazy song titles. There’s so much whacked out energy on this it they are on the verge of losing their breath by the 15th song.
(((1))) A total whirlwind of grind meets ultra-hardcore
((((2))))) Super-PISSED off fully charging. (FCCs “Fucking” 3-4 times)
(((3))) More metal-core sounding but still pretty solid
(((4))) Big ‘ol riff into immediately charging & paniced sounding metal-core.
((((5)))) A total Wolfbridage/From Ashes Rise like straight-ahead bruiser. FCCs: “fucking” 5 times
(((6))) Spiraling then full on brutal metal attack sort of like say, a Misery Index tune cut down to 1/8 the length.
((((7)))) Really FAST & really RIPPIN’ hardcore/ultra-core. Somewhere around Strong Inentition crossed with early Sick Of It All?
(((8))) Benümb like grind attack then more of a East Coast heavy hardcore/grind fusion.
((((9)))) Power-violence styled with some East Coast metal-core breakdowns.
((((10)))) Strangely enough sounds like a serious Agents of Satan mixed with Left For Dead and Benümb. Killer bass playing, too.
(((11)))) A whole lotta wallop in a short span (0:35)
(((12))) 0:12 of death/grind!
(((((13)))))) Super-angry & arrrgggggh! Awesome title, to boot. Poison Idea, Repulsion and Left For Dead fighting it out in a barbed-wire wrapped steel cage.
(((14))) This ain’t really crust or totally grind but it IS really fucking intense hardcore that is louder & a tad more metal-ish sounding than most.
((((15)))) Youth Of Today cover played at 10x the speed and with a vocalist who sounds like the unholy trio of Hank Rollins/Pete Benümb and John Brannon (Negative Approach). I don’t really know the original
but I do wonder what Ray of Today thinks. (FCC: “fucking” 0:47 & 1:24)
((16)) Just kind of “eh” sounding slow metallish stuff.
(((17))) Grind mixed with sludge all of which pretty damn killer & raw. Relentless & insane! Benümb/Solient Green and Grief mixed togehter & playing a basement. A few points off for running too long, though.
(((18))) More of the same, This is actually listed as #19 but SHOULD be #18.
((((19)))) Traditional h.c. riffing/vibe then into noisy & HEAVYsounds. Killer all-vocals breakdown (0:53-1:05)
(((20))) Raw as hell Token Entry cover. Sounds pretty rad but not quite like a “standard” cover especially with that oddball early Slayer like-soloing creeping in . (Listed as #20)
((((21)))) Ultra-brutal grinding h.c.
((((22)))) Demo version of #6 but this one sounds much more like raw, pissed off h.c. with not so much of the metal element.
((23)) Raw version of #9 of Feedback then kind of so-so death-grind attack with Hellhammer-like guitars.
(((24))) Demo of #16. I like these raw versions better, just sounds like there’s more heart in some of the weaker tunes like this.
NOTE: There is no track #25. --- Ragnar of Ravensfjord

Track Listing
1. Be All End All (File Under H   14. What If He Shouts Back? (The
2. Nine Scabs Revisited   15. Expectations
3. Right On, Man... and Once We   16. Sometimes Mothers Look Like
4. Flesh Wounds, Target Practic   17. So, Who's Doing Your Dishes
5. I'll Cut My Hair When You Pi   18. A Warehouse Full of Mailbomb
6. Hair and Nails, Nails and Ha   19. The Inevitable Anthem
7. Problem Solving Techniques O   20. Everything Left Unsaid in Th
8. I Say Kill the Killers   21. Jaybird
9. New Hampshire Doesn't Treat   22. Hair and Nails
10. Sergeant Gun in Mouth Report   23. New Hampshire
11. Still Photos Exemplifying Bl   24. Sometimes Mothers
12. Send Me a Fucking Blitzkrieg   25. Wish You Were Here
13. I Wish You Were Here (So I C   26. Kill the Killers