Kaplan, Richard / Life of the Worlds
Album: Life of the Worlds   Collection:World
Artist:Kaplan, Richard   Added:Feb 2004

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Album Review
David Shaw
Reviewed 2004-07-01
Richard Kaplan “Life of the Worlds” Five Souls Music, 2003
‘Journeys in Jewish Sacred Music’ is the subtitle, and that’s what we get.
Kaplan sings on each track, with varying accompanying musicians and singers.
There isn’t much variation in tempos, and the vocals for the most part are
chants rather than ‘songs’. Very Soulful singing, well-done production.
Faves: 3,5,9, 16 (Dr D 06-04)
1.LeKhay Olamim (5:12) Yemenite. Slow, naming the 44 divine attributes in alpha order
2 Le'El Adir Neranenah (3:51) Afghani.. Med, more divine attributes thru Hebrew alpha
3 Bati Legani (3:57) Hasidic. Slow, a prayer from Creator to indwelling soul
4 Kinah Lekhurban Gan Eden (6:18) E. Europe Slow, a lament to the loss of Temples
5 Khatsi Kaddish (2:08) Sephardic. Med, Kaddish short prayer
6 Navah Tehilah (3:47) Afghani. Faster, a song of praise for Holy days
7 Hayoshevet Baganim (2:34) Yemenite. Slow, like theme to #3
8 Eyn Keloheynu (3:04) Moroccan. Med, praise to the One
9 Modeh Ani/Elohai Neshama (2:53) Sephardic. Slow, first words of the day to pray
10 Eli Shema Koli(5:23) Moroccan/Algerian. Med fast, seeking redemption
11 Reb Nachman's Niggun (5:38) E European. Slow, contemplative melody
12 Hishtapkhut Hanefesh (3:05)E European. Slow, Yiddish poem of thanks, speeds up
13 Niggun of the Alter Rebbe(3:24) Hasidic. Slow, ‘holy waltz’ for Yom Kippur
14 Ve'erastikh Li (5:06) Sephardic. Slow, a prayer to wrap tefillin by
15 El Mistater (7:13) Polish Hasid. Slow, praise to divine emanations
16 Ashrey(5:47) Various trads. Med, prayers from Psalms 84&149,’happy’
17 Yemeni Shema (1:08) Yemenite. Med , the essential Jewish mantra, the Shema
18 Grandfather Sang a Song(5:59)E Europe/Sephardic. Old to New World lament.

Track Listing
1. Ha'aderet Veha'emunah   10. Eli Shema Koli
2. Le'el Adir Neranenah   11. Reb Nachman's Niggun
3. Bati Legani   12. Hishtapkhut Hanefesh
4. Kinah Lekhurban Gan Eden   13. Niggun of the Alter Rebbe
5. Sephardi Yerushalmi Khats...   14. Ve'erastikh Li
6. Navah Tehilah   15. El Mistater
7. Hayoshevet Baganim   16. Ashrey
8. Eyn Keloheynu   17. Yemeni Shema
9. Modeh Ani/Elohay Neshamah   18. Grandfather Sang a Song