Palast, Greg / Weapon of Mass Instruction
Album: Weapon of Mass Instruction   Collection:Spoken Word
Artist:Palast, Greg   Added:Jan 2004
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Album Review
Ragnar of Ravensfjord
Reviewed 2004-02-22
Alright, THIS is the best political spoken word album of 2004. Yeah, it’s only February but Greg Palast is everything that a journalist/activist SHOULD be. He’s articulate, tremendously funny, always on the case....but of course - entirely blacked out of the US mainstream media. He’s easier to digest & even more entertaining than Micheal Moore or Howard Zinn. The way he breaks down stories & facts are easy enough for even the most hardened Bush zombies to understand.
((1)) Yer standard but kinda cool intro.
(((2))) Not a nod to Dr. Dre but look into a story in the “SF Comical” ‘s story on Bagdad’s fake mayor named Barbie, yes, that’s right - Barbie! Plus, Bush’s “High Noon” speech. Following the money involved in 9/11. (FCC: “shit” (@ 2:06)
((((3)))) Palast vs. Christopher “Bush Inc.’s Lefty Drone” Hitchens continues to next track
(((4))) Media & government’s lies re: “democraticization” of the Middle East & Afghanistan. Funny but (sadly) true quotes from our so-called “leaders”.
((((5)))) Shrub-ya’s “military experience” & his 3-front war , affirmative action in relation to Shrub-ya & how his rich-ass dodged Vietnam yet sends 500+ to die . (FCC: @ 2:22 “chickenshit”)
(((((6))))) Bush the Elder’s letter to the Kuwaiti’s re: lobbying for Chevron, who’s winning “the war on terrorism” (aka: T.W.A.T.),
(((((7 & 8)))) New weapons = same old boondoggles, Carlyle Group’ & Lockheed-Martin’s “interests” & such, beachhead invasions in beachless Afghanistan & Iraq?
(((9 & 10))) Dicky Pearle & his creepy pals, elections as auctions, who funds & lobbies for the Bush Crime Syndicate, Berrick Mining’s corruption, importance of 1st Amendment.
((((11)))) What/who is Berrick Mining & their financiers? Berrick’s ugly hand in murder & further misdeeds.
((((12)))) Further insight on the Tanzanian Berrick mine massacre. More corporate lies & blackmailing.
((((13)))) What/where the various political war fronts are.
((((14)))) Why Dan Rather can’t say what he’s REALLY thinking, who fucked up preventing 9/11/01?, the Bush family “Frankenstein factory”, etc
((((15)))) Where Sadaam got his ‘toys’ (& he had Britney posters!? Whadda nut!), priorities of Iraq's Hussein vs. Pakistan’s Musharaf - who put the Taliban in power (Why aren’t why trying to bust his balls, huh?).
((((16)))) What the intelligence community said about preventing 9/11 - aka: “Get off our backs & let us do our work”, how Palast got a hold of an actual FBI document re: 9/11, this is a really funny & insightful story. Why the FBI agents weren’t able to talk to the other Bin Laden family members.
(((17)))) “And the winners are...”, Choicepoint - American's #1 choice for snitching & snooping!,
((((18 & 19)))) Info about the 2000 Selection/”Election”. Never mind the “Nader factor” or your lame Florida jokes.THIS is the REAL story with the REAL facts! Drop your party line b.s. and LISTEN for a change! In other words: a ton of info and lot of stuff that’ll make you go “hmm...”
(((20))) Marching with MLK III re: Africian-America voting rights, “lynching by laptop” and our “new & improved voting systems” (aka: electronic bullshit), importance of Pacifica & other indy media(s),
((((21)))) Victories? Why yes - we’ve got ‘em! Funny stuff about Fear Channel’s “wargasms”, Palast’s request to Katherine “The Iron Maiden of Florida” Harris’ office. ---- Ragnar of Ravensfjord

Track Listing
1. What An Introduction   11. Poppy Strikes Gold
2. The Chronic   12. Buried Alive
3. Christopher Hitchens and   13. You've Been Drafted
4. I Dont Make It Up   14. The Bush Family Frankenstein
5. George W., War Hero   15. The Unicycle of Evil
6. Who Won the War   16. Fatherland Security and Fbi
7. Bulldozed By the Crusador   17. Ground Zero As a Profit Cnt
8. Marines in a Tube   18. The 2000 Selection
9. Perle of Arabia   19. Twisted and Maniacal
10. The Best Democracy Money Can   20. Lynching By Laptop
  21. Dying Regime