Mummies, the / Death By Unga Bunga
Album: Death By Unga Bunga   Collection:General
Artist:Mummies, the   Added:Dec 2003
Label:Estrus Records  

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Album Review
Ragnar of Ravensfjord
Reviewed 2004-01-29
Blessed be the undead souls of The Mummies as they’d rip the shit out of today’s so-called “garage rock” fraud. Budget Rock is what you got here, baby so don’t expect no fucking Rolling Stone/Empty Vee-approved action here. Just simple, reverb & 60’s fuzz box drenched (*ahem*) “true-garage rock” from the bowels of the S.F. Peninsula.
I’m sure there’s a ton of cover songs on here that got uh, “Mummified” but I only really recognize the Yardbirds tune. Reminds me a LOT of what I heard on KZSU circa: 1994-95 via DJs & shows like Johnny Mags/Lovechild & Dr. Sauce (long live “The Travel Bar”!).
So many fucked up soundning songs yet so many catchy & (sort of) poppy melodies! Mersey Beat this ain’t-more like you’ll cry for MERCY they don’t BEAT your head in!
(((1))) Rip-roarin’, deeeemented surf-twang intro with niiice keyboards. Just wish it was more than :22 seconds!
(((2)))) Damaged-ass rave ups. Lots of wailing guitars & ‘66-era pop structure but ZERO polish. The “fi” is loooooww, baby!
(((3))) Oddly enough sounds like some kind of proto-punk. Garagey yet rather psych & poppy. Like the “raw-as Keith’s veins” Rolling Stones ‘65-’66 era demo. Very nice.
(((4))) A sort of ‘hit’ (at least on KZSU) for these uh, ‘wrappin’ rockers’. Where the HELL did they get them awesome fuzz box? Super basic & super brilliantly no-fi punk/garage.
((((5)))) FCC’s “You better treat me like a Fuckin king” (only once)
(((6))) Probably a cover, sounds a lot like a varation of some early Stooges stuff (especially the vocals = total Iggy worship) then gets really distorted & punk damaged.
((7)) Shadows of Knight/early Kinks/’65-era Who style ‘rave-up’. (FCCs: “Fuck around" in the first :40 secs & the 1:40 mark)
(((8))) Some FCC’s “fucking” 2. Sounds a bit like (Mark Arm’s 60’s garage-lovin’ band) The
Monkeywrench by way of someone’s 2-track recording.
((((9)))) Big, swampy twang ‘ala some bad-ass yet super-fucked up 60’s B-movie like oh...”2000 Maniacs” or “Astro-Zombies” ? ‘Instrumental that’s ‘strummin’ mental.
((10)) Tarzan-like yell then distorted vocals & ultra-raw, 1-2 beat/riffing ‘ala The Kinks meet The Might Caesers.
((11)) Not too cool with the FCC’s a few mentions of ‘eatin’ pussy’ and such.
((12)) This COULD be a demented version of a Yardbirds tune (since the credit has says “Page”, as in “Jimmy Page”?) either way, this is super simple & not too great.
(((13))) Cripes! This one’s is soooo damaged it’s insane! 1-2 riff/beats - this qualifies for ‘no-fi’ as the volume levels increase in certain places.
(((14))) $10 says even though these dudes are/were Star Trek fans...they probably got laid. Messed up dance tunes like this is the likely proof of that. Billy Childish’s band fronted by pro wrestling legend The Crusher on vocals. (FCC’s: “Fuck” only once)
((17)) Fucked-up, simple ‘65-’66 ‘youth rock’ ‘ala The Sonics.
(((16))) Speaking of Billy Childish...a total 1-2-3-4 riff with the disorted vox - the total Crypt Records styled Billy Childish styled number. Get out yer Sherlock cap, mate!
(((18))) A cover (I think) of something that’s probably from the soundtrack of the 60’s horror-flick of the same name.
(((((19)))))) ever! NO DEBATE! God-damn you...dirty human!
((((20)))) A punked-ified ‘66 era Rolling Stones?
((21)) Yep, it’s THAT “Zip A Dee Doo Dah” (is there any other?) There’s no track 22 just an ancient mummy trick, I guess. I wish they’d get Bill Mumy to guest on a song

Track Listing
1. Intro to the Mummies   12. Your Love
2. In and Out   13. Down Home Girl
3. A Girl Like You   14. Doin the Kirk
4. Im Gonna Kill My Babt Tonigt   15. Babba Diddy Baby
5. Im Bigger than You   16. That's Mighty Childish
6. (I Should Be Better Lookin)   17. Just One More Dance
7. Die!   18. The House on the Hill
8. That Girl   19. You Must Fight to Live
9. Test Drive   20. One By One
10. Stronger than Dirt   21. Zip a Dee Doo Dah
11. Food, Sickless & Girls   22. ???