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Album: Invisible Pyramid, the   Collection:General
Artist:Various Artists   Added:Dec 2003
Label:Last Visible Dog  

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Recent Airplay
1. Apr 21, 2006: Memory Select
Queen Flat Sheet [played under the Chomsky track]
4. Apr 17, 2004: 15 Miles til Sunday - Exploring the A-File
Where the Cold Winds Blow
2. May 12, 2004: Stirling's Approximation
Alclorse Mentalimo Camarion
5. Apr 13, 2004: The Digital/Analog War
Alclorse Mentalimo Camarion
3. Apr 20, 2004: The Digital/Analog War
The Signal Tower at Murrysvi
6. Apr 06, 2004: Umami Jazz Program
The Signal Tower at Murrysvi

Album Review
Your Imaginary Friend
Reviewed 2004-03-01
Experimental psyche improvised noise avante trippiness. A plethora of artists, collaborations, recorded over last 5 years from New Zealand to SF. Think Terrastock, or weirdo Japanese psyche, tracks unrepentant in their length and loopiness, for their bellbutton-gaziness. Artists with name recognition include locals Subarachnoid Space, Bardo Pond, Pelt, The Iditarod, and Thuja. Lots of good old-school low fi tape manipulation too.

1) hypnotic guit loop w/ echoey spacey sounds, trippy, after ~6.5 min turns strummy and dreamlike
2) quiet drone buildup, bow exchanges, intensifies w/ improvised percussion
3) trippy sturmmy guit w/ treated vocs, some melodian
4) moisier space drones, tape loops, build lushly
5) feedbacky drones, live improvised feeling, watch very quiet ending
6) a “real” song: windy drones w/ low fi fem solo singing, folk-songlike 2 min intro to psyche acoustic guit based song w/ fem vocs
7) improv feedbacky chill drone
8) shorter, w/ new-primitive feel w/ drumming and low-fi chants
9) minimal drum beat, minimal off-key “singing” and reverby everything, chill
10) scarey spacey spooky
11) incoherent off key solo male vocal
12) echoey/reverby drumbeat, almost a “song”, droney in a cave- tinges of Flying Saucer Attack

1) low fi noise jam by local faves Subarachoid Space as captured by a boom box
2) mechanical organic old school “industrial noise” feel
3) mostly drone guit dist/feeback w/ some cymbal banging, not as noisy as you’d think
4) improv feel, spacy drumming, piano, chill
5) very chill organic guits, spacey and beautiful really
6) more chillfest, dreamy droney
7) waltzy drum beats, super mellow psyche rock, a song, like Neil Young on Quaaludes, speeds up annoyingly at end
8) dark synth drone and echoey harsh noises, cool rhythm develops ~3 min in
9) old school low fi noise, droney loopy, cool
10) way trippy bass and guitar plucking for first 2 min, stops then chillness follows
11) quiet lead-in, very chill synth space
12) treated Indian instruments, backwards tapes, layer on heavily to anice organic noise collage
13) trippy acoustic guit playing, subtle strings
14) mellow psyche folk minimal guit, vocs, w/ hippie VU treatments
15 low fi tape loops, tones, bowed strings, noise, watch dead air at end ~ 30 secs

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Karma 1ST.SEX
2. Flies Inside the Sun La Maga
3. Fursaxa Chartreuse My Green
4. Birchville Cat Motel Queen Flat Sheet
5. Pelt The Signal Tower at Murrysvi
6. Iditarod, the Where the Cold Winds Blow
7. Thuja Ice Caves
8. Kemialliset Ystavat Unohdan Kaiken
9. Reynols Alclorse Mentalimo Camarion
10. Reynols Alclorse Mentalimo Camarion
11. Reynols Alclorse Mentalimo Camarion
12. Reynols Alclorse Mentalimo Camarion
13. Subarachnoid Space Honorable Mention
14. Avarus Rollien Planeetta
15. Mcms The Good Life
16. Precoda, Karl and Mike Ganglof John Dee's Dream
17. Charalambides Water Falls Through Air to
18. Drona Parva Lost Island
19. Miminokoto Dokonimo
20. Omit Dip
21. Pylon Bass Is the Bass, Bass Is Th
22. Sandoz Lab Technicians Liquid Constant
23. Drona Parva Pink Cloud
24. Bardo Pond Thirsty Sect
25. Black Forest/Black Sea Stones and the Curling Smoke
26. Birdtree, the She Is the Swallow
27. Wright, Peter The Lightbox