Stereo Total / Monokini
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Artist:Stereo Total   Added:Dec 2003
Label:Kill Rock Stars  

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Album Review
Elias (Dr Furious)
Reviewed 2004-01-11
Stereo Total's sounds make me deliriously happy! Ask my friends; they'll tell you. Stereo Total are fucking awesome! This Berlinian (German) duo does infectiously addictive ELECTRO PSYCH-POP reminiscent of the French 1960s psych-pop scene and the most contemporary electro-pop and electro-punk sounds you can think of (eg. Pizzicato Five, Electrolane, Stereolab, Le Tigre). Hearing this makes you wonder if it was Stereo Total that single-handedly launched Kathleen Hannah's sounds onto the electro-punk stylistics of LE TIGRE. In that sense, Stereo Total is SEMINAL SHIT and one of the most under-appreciated bands of the on going electro-garage/punk era. You think it is by accident that Kill Rock Stars just released their back catalogue from the mid-1990s and on? Yah... I didn't think so. This duo is up there with Liliput and Laura Logic. Stereo Total are sweeter than heroine. If you don't believe me, ask dj Riina. It was two years ago when I first heard Stereo Total on Input/Ouput, and ever since I've been severely hooked. Play-play-play! You seriously CANNOT afford NOT TO.
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1. Mata Hari meets Brigitte Bardot. Seductive steady electro tempo, sparse noisy effects.
2. Fuck yeah... Gimme tambourine and garage guitar riffs. I am in my Go-Go boots dancing naked. Can you see me?
3. Male lead vox. '60s guitar solos, melancholic verse, juicy innocent female chorus vox.
4. Mid tempo. Melodramatic in that Italian/French sense of the word. Think European post-war (WWII) pop.
5. Deliciously cute. It will make you swing your hips. Cathcy. Lots of funky percussion and some funky strings.
6. Think of Fred Astaire acting out that "singing in the rain" scene but in a French 60s movie overtaken by some psych-pop hipness.
7. Spacy and teary. Simple melodic synth lines
8. Fuck yeah... rocking awesome... electro punkish... METAGALACTICALY noisy... punchy. Fuzzy garage guitar leads. Let's fucking ROCK!
9. Synth popy. Infectious synth lines and vox.
10. This is some crazy ass strung out Honky Tonky rhythm passed through shitloads of fuzzed up distortion and pure electroclashy noise. Fucking awesome.
11. This makes me think MERENGUE... the national dance of Dominican Republic. Gently noisy and scandalously cute.
12. Fast, raucous and bouncy. Let's riot!
13. Amusement-park/circus melodic lines, electroclashy/techno dance beats.
14. Slow and melodramatic. Cry your eyes out!
15. This reminds of Pizzicato Five... like A LOT. Does she sing in Japanese? The Stereo Total female singer's originally from France and she usually sings in this crazy language which is half German-half French. Isn't she great?
16. 1960s French psych-garage pop. Great shit.
17. Another great 60s psych pop number. Deliciously cute. Does she sing about the history of rock'n'roll? She's going through a list of 50s/60s rock stars in her irresistable cute French accent.
18. Yeah... BILL... this is for you man! From me to YOU. Just play it for Bill C... ok? Slashy, noisy with great fucking monsterous oooouuuuh's.
19. Remix of another Stereo Total track with English lyrics. Casio beats and Yoko Ono-ish vox. Rediculous ambient synth sound effects.
20. Great dance track/remix. Lots of noise and plenty of heavy beat to mix into JC's and Jack's shows.

Track Listing
1. Ach Ach Liebling   11. Moustique
2. Lunatique   12. La, Ca, Usa
3. Supergirl   13. L'appareil a Sous
4. Furore   14. Grand Prix Eurovision
5. Schon Von Hinten   15. Ushilo Sugata Ga Kile!
6. Dilndam   16. Prends-Moi
7. Cosmonaute   17. Ex Fan Des Sixties
8. Aua   18. A La Sortie Du Lycee
9. Und Wer Wird Sich Um   19. The Other Side of You
10. Tu M As Voulue   20. Schon Von Unten