Flying Luttenbachers, the / Systems Emerge From Complete
Album: Systems Emerge From Complete   Collection:General
Artist:Flying Luttenbachers, the   Added:Dec 2003
Label:Troubleman Unlimited  

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Album Review
Punky Brewer
Reviewed 2004-02-04
Systems Emerge
The Flying Lutenbachers

1. Lots of staticy feedback noise. Short track.
2. Syncopated beat, affected off-beat guitar. Turns into more staticy noise with the drumming more sporatic.
3. Spastic guitar over thumping drums. Some bleeps come in to join the mix.
4. Crisper drumming with more spastic guitar freak-out.
5. Drums all over the place with even FREAKIER guitar. Some blips and bleeps here and there.
6. *Some haunting sample in the background with syncopated drumming and the sounds of someone banging on a piano. Other random sounds get put in the mix that its hard for me to identify. Lots of sampling. Some horns. Pretty cool.
7. Piano, syncopated drums, more horn samples, some scratchy noise. Some interplay of piano and driving noise. Some wailing guitar comes in. At around the 10 minute mark you get some relief with some tinkly piano, then back to the NOISE. More relief (this time from the guitar) and around the 13 minute mark. Its a little much trying to make 20 minutes out of this&and then after all that it just ends abruptly.

Experiments in noise music. Sampling, syncopated drums and random piano-banging define this album. Some interesting bits, but a lot of the tracks seem indistinguishable from one another, and the 20 minute final track makes you wonder why the whole album wasn't just released as one very long song. *shrug* Track 6.

Track Listing
1. Entropic Field/Total Disorde   4. Kkring Number Two
2. Kkringg Beyond Ngggg   5. Thrumm'd Hte (For M)
3. Kkringg Number One   6. Thorned Lattice
  7. Rise of the Irudescent Behem