Slomo Rabbit Kick / Bass Monster Lives in the Bass
Album: Bass Monster Lives in the Bass   Collection:General
Artist:Slomo Rabbit Kick   Added:Nov 2003

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Album Review
Matt Mettler
Reviewed 2004-03-28

This album is about the Bass Monster. If you are guessing by that that this is a quirky indi-rock concept album, you are correct. It wavers between the melodic swagger of Olivia Tremor Control and Silkworm – or other more traditional indi rock forbearers. Like OTC, this album in clustered with a bunch of tracks, many of them short. They do best when they get low-fi, kitchy, and poppy, (11,13). There is also an eclectic experimental vein running throughout the album. The lyrics are pretty literate, and not rhymey. Songs are a little abstract, but there are some nice clever images (“And we’ll pretend we’re surrounded by sharks”) They explore the eccentric side of indi-rock without getting too smug in their own quirk. – Matt M. (play the short track 17, because it is a robot talking which sounds like our radio transmitter)

Play this song*
1. *Mid-up tempo – after the messy guitar, this quickly song turns into a smooth rocking indi rock – the synth melody is pronounced and makes me feel happy – it then tapers into a solo acoustic song with noise about the Bass Monster. 2:48
2. Mid-up tempo – short, accessible song. 1:13
3. Mid-tempo – some female vocals – more about the Bass Monster. It has an early Velvet Underground flavor. 2:13
4. Down-tempo – sparse electric guitar – vocals are prominent. FCC “fucked up world” – a phrase no government should have a problem with.
5. Mid-up tempo – This track begins with fluttering electronic noise, mellows out into a rock song. “I like to front that I am a literate guy.” 1:59
6. Down-tempo – backing female vocals slither in and out. Sparse with Acoustic guitar and banjo. That familiar synth line comes in too. 3:24
7. eight seconds of a beat.
8. Up-tempo – short low-fi poppy song. Ends with some accordian 1:09
9. Mid-down-tempo – a little psychedelic and off kilter. 1:38
10. Up-tempo – driving rock number – cool synth solo over audio samples. 3:15
11. * Mid-tempo – fun rock song about socialism, jingoism, and Russia. There some cat meowing and purring at the end. Only 1:05.
12. *Mid-down tempo – very cohesive and pretty. Vocals come in at mid-way mark. 2:31.
13. * Up-tempo –good kitchy pop, like Stereo Total. I want to go dancing! 2:40
14. Mid-tempo – very low-fi recording. Instrumental with some rocking power chords. 1:11.
15. *Up-tempo – driving, low-fi and rhythmic with prominent base. This is a weird, but good. I like the line “And we’ll pretend we’re surrounded by sharks.” 1:55
16. Mid-tempo – this song has phases – begins with loud heavy guitar – then rotorary phone noises – then an acoustic ballad – then a rock ballad – then just vocals over crowd noise. 3:37.
17. * Computer talks for seventeen seconds about the recording process. It sounds like our radio transmitter – play it just for that reason.

Track Listing
1. The Most Beautiful Girl He's   9. Yo An Abject Degree
2. Fontainebleu   10. I'm Wysiwyg Now
3. Equality, Urbanity, Fraterni   11. Nikolai
4. Crow   12. Light Pollution
5. Bookstores   13. Greyhound Ticket to Chicago
6. I'm An Idiot with Your Idiom   14. The Shore Road Mystery
7. Spacer.Gif   15. Interstitial Walrus Revere
8. You Say Device, I Say Logo   16. Summer Fall Winter Fall