Radiation 4 / Wonderland
Album: Wonderland   Collection:General
Artist:Radiation 4   Added:Nov 2003
Label:Century Media  

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Album Review
Reviewed 2003-12-01
A twisted mix of circus music, a demented singer, metal, and hardcore. Yup, you guessed it; it’s a complete Mr Bungle knockoff. There is some metalcore thrown in like Dillinger Escape Plan and Botch and the album is produced/mixed by Matt Bayles who’s worked with Botch, Isis, and Burnt By the Sun. Like Mr. Bungle, the singer sounds insane and has multiple personalities often in the same song. They might be trying a little too hard to be “weird” but they are good enough to make it work.
1. Industrial circus sounds that don’t get heavy. The singer sings through most of the song but there are very short bursts of him screaming. The music gets a bit heavy when this happens. Ends very quiet.
**2. Full on metalcore to start with some impressive vocals. Wow, throw in a few impressive start-stops, a quick change in rhythm, and an odd spoken/sung line, “Oh my god I can’t believe you did that” and you had a damn fun and good song.
**3. More discordant and again some amazing screams. The quiet, almost emo breakdown in the middle and the almost mainstream sounding guitar that comes out of it really make this stand out. They don’t stick with this sound very long. There are only about 100 changes in this song.
**4. Alien vocals, and again a lots of changes, not all of them heavy this time, A dead ringer for a Mr. Bungle track. Melodic towards the end.
**5. Another track with lounge-y, mellow parts that often go into screaming insanity and even a little funny math-rock bit in the middle.
**6. Starts out with a music box and goes into some metal guitar. Then they go into their usual antics with a million different sounds in one song. Some really nice metal guitar and brutal vocals towards the end.
**7. Mellow beginning, into some great hardcore guitar work (inspired by Iron Maiden) over and odd rhythm and the singer screaming bloody murder. All this enters some soft jazzy lounge music.
8. Oompapa done strange metal.
9. Melodic hardcore sound with death metal vocals to begin. Not as many changes in this song. There is a long mellow interlude. Song pretty much ends 6:43 into the track. There is a quiet drone after but it’s very quiet.
Great stuff!! -mph

Track Listing
1. Silence Fiction   5. Wonderland
2. Tick. Tick. Tick.   6. John Vs the Elephant
3. Love Through Tapeworm Hooks   7. Magnolia Act I
4. When Animals Attack   8. Magnolia Act Ii
  9. The Prize