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Album Review
Reviewed 2004-01-12
V/A Toxic Girls! – Nightmare for (12) unlucky Boystars (Tsunami Addiction)
A good collection of pop, new wave, punk, indie rock, electro, noise and a bunch of other sounds all made by women who I think are mostly from Italy and France. A lot of the tracks are personal, minimal, and just 1 or 2 people.

1. Great 20 second loop, “taking pictures”.
2. Fuzzy loud guitar with retro keyboard sound. Indie rock/pop.
**3. Pretty xylophone sound doing something that could be Kraftwerk. Then really cute vocals come in. She’s not singing English but I can’t tell what language it is.
**4. This rules. Minimal drum machine with up front vocals about needing a vacation from her boy’s closet. Sorta pop but with a silly electro groove. Dancy.
**5. Reminds me of People Like Us. A silly loop with some vocal manipulation.
6. Glitchy and out to begin. Then a big electro beat and slightly angry vocals. Gets noisier and creepy.
7. Some dark guitar and drum loop. Vocals come in towards the end and repeat something I can’t understand over and over. Cool sound but doesn’t go very far.
**8. More loops. Guitar loop, keyboard loop, some glitchy sounds, interspersed vocals. Busy.
**9. Indie rock guitar to begin then a big catchy keyboard hook. Wow, then stern vocals come in not sung in English. German? Italian? Wow! Someplace between Malaria and Liliput.
10. Glitch-y loop of what sounds like a broken toy instrument.
11. Quiet violin? (Cello?) and vocals playing a slightly middle eastern sound. Both slowly get louder.
12. Complete new wave! Catchy with big clear vocals. The beat is a bit “big” sounding for new wave. “What I like about you girl is you really take a chance”.
13. Steady beat, keyboard noises, and distorted vocals. Noisy.
14. Garage pop like Holly Golightly but simpler.
15. Dark electronics and glitch. Manipulated vocals.
16. Quiet echo’d and reverbed vocals. Handheld recording in tunnel?
17. Big harsh beats, with lots of screaming and abrasive keyboards. Slow digital hardcore?
18. Looped music box or keyboards. I guess it’s just an odd sounding keyboard.
Good stuff. Lots of different sounds. -mph

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Katja Klnklolej Taking Picture
2. Milkymee Snow Balling
3. Konki Duet, the I Ma Wa Mori no Naka Ni
4. Rhythm King and Her Friends Pants
5. Sawako Ohhoo
6. Do.Pe Vs Ceweecee Ladybug Juice
7. Noak Katoi That's All Water Under the
8. Very Ape, the Catskinz
9. Thyra Hilden Band Evindelig Kvindelig
10. Sawako 1, 2, Jump
11. Mariina Moustique
12. Semiautomatic Dressed Up
13. Very Ape, the Cut the Cable'
14. Red Lights, the She's Bad
15. Sofia Hapin Seek Goodness
16. Katja Khudelej Katja
17. Ceweecee Aspirine
18. Colleen Nice and Simple