Brian Jonestown Massacre / ...And this Is Our Music
Album: ...And this Is Our Music   Collection:General
Artist:Brian Jonestown Massacre   Added:Nov 2003
Label:Tee Pee Records  

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1. Feb 04, 2012: The Groove Machine
Here to Go
4. Apr 15, 2004: Hello Kitten
You Look Great When I'm Fuck
2. Aug 08, 2009: Scatterbrain Radio
When Jokers Attack
5. Apr 08, 2004: Hello Kitten
When Jokers Attack
3. May 20, 2005: The Lunchbox
When Jokers Attack
6. Mar 26, 2004: Distraction-Limited
Prozac Vs. Heroin Revisited

Album Review
Matt Mettler
Reviewed 2004-03-28
Okay, it will not surprise fans of BJM to know that this album is all over the place. Most of the rock numbers explore a happy medium of 60s and 80s rock influences. These guys like Morrissey, because they sing like him often, like on 4 and 5. Most of the rock songs are rooted in synthesizer, but don’t use it like a crazy person to carry the melodies. It gets psychedelic sometimes. They toss in several instrumentals that range from rock, electronic house music, and country. BJM is not afraid to use horns – and use them to great effect on 9, a great instrumental – think Calexico, but with outer space sounds instead of Tex-Mex. This is the sound of a talented band with a strong cult following that has given up all apprehensions of being commercial and is thus doing whatever they feel like. Some tracks work better than others, but as an album it is quite interesting. – Matt M.

Play this song *
1. A phone message – lots of fucks. FCC
2. Down-tempo - One minute instrumental with a flute and dreamyness.
3. * Mid-down-tempo – strong synthesizer and slow drum machine. Pleasant guitar.Very minor key – broodish, but with a good hook. I like his vocals here. 2:28.
4. Mid-down-tempo – Morrissey-like vocals during verses – the chorus is a pretty sweet transition.
5. Up-tempo – powerpop number stuck somewhere between Morrissey and Radiohead.
6. Mid-up-tempo – this has a very full sound – vocals are distant – muted psychedelic driving guitar.
7. Up-tempo - begins with trombone over distortion and a pretty acoustic guitar. Then it gets really psychedelic, spacey, but retains the traditional rock and roll framework. Good song to do cocaine to.
8. Down-tempo – acoustic – sort of a sinister and slightly fucked up cousin to a 60s love ballad. Some trombone at the tail end.
9. * This song is called “You look great when I’m fucked up,” which is funny. It is a great instrumental. Sloppy horns – NMH style start it out along with a bit of distortion. Lots of melodic moaning and spacey sound effects – but this really works. A great experimental rock instrumental.
10. *Mid-tempo – nice slow rocker with electricness. Sounds like they from the current Britain scene.
11. Up tempo – crazy congos for 44 seconds.
12. Mid-up tempo – an instrumental called “Prozac versus Heroin Revisited,” which is also funny. This is very electronic house music. Not bad, it makes me want to do ecstasy and touch soft things.
13. Up-tempo – one of their more straight-forward rockers here.
14. *Mid-tempo – a very pretty folk-rock acoustic instrumental with dobro guitar.
15. Mid-up-tempo - trumpet begins and then violin. Sounds like they are from the 60s British scene.
16. Down-tempo – another electronic instrumental – this one meanders.
17. back to the phone message about girl trying to get a hold of guy – no fucks this time – so play it.

Track Listing
1. The Wrong Way   9. You Look Great When I'm Fuck
2. Introesque   10. Here It Comes
3. Starcleaner   11. What Did You Say?
4. Here to Go   12. Prozac Vs. Heroin Revisited
5. When Jokers Attack   13. A New Low in Getting High
6. Prozac Vs. Heroin   14. Some Things Go Without Sayin
7. Geezers   15. Tschusse
8. Maryanne   16. The Pregnancy Test
  17. The Right Way