Grimfist / Ghouls of Grandeur
Album: Ghouls of Grandeur   Collection:General
Artist:Grimfist   Added:Oct 2003
Label:Candlelight Usa  

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Album Review
Orges Beqiri
Reviewed 2003-10-25
Grimfist – Ghouls of Grandeur (Candlelight Records)
Metal. Mix of black, death, and old-school thrash, this is intense stuff, taking all the excellent aspects of the aforementioned genres and combining them into one ball of furious, brutal, unrelenting metal. Basically, imagine taking the most evil of Norway’s black/death metal (many thanks to Horgh, ex-Immortal) and infusing it with classic metal touches like Judas Priest riffs, Slayer aggression, and even the power of VDP/FBD Pantera (thanks to members of Deride), and then kicking it all up a notch with some tasty grindcore, all after beautifying it with some excellent power metal hues. Just absolutely excellent stuff, and this is definitely not just another side project. I read someone describe this sound as “Judas Priest gang raped by The Crown”. I’d say that’s spot on. Which is to say, this isn’t the most inspired, original listen of the year, but it’s definitely one of the most straight-forward, entertaining ones.
1) The opener blasts right out and smacks you in the head, and then kicks you in the gut, and then elbows you in the ribs, and so on and so forth.
2) Pummeling drumming, sounds like a barrage of gunfire. Kickass.
3) This is where the Judas Priest sound takes hold. Listen to that intro riff, and then listen to those awesome, soaring high vocals, and be entertained. Several FCCs, though, so read the lyrics and follow along, and edit as necessary.
4) Sick vocals, and killer drumming once again, plus another classic riff.
5) Slow, creepy intro, clichéd, but then blast beats and unearthly screams, and FCCs.
6) Thrash! Bring it on! Think Seasons-era Slayer, only boosted with Cannibal Corpse lyrics and a voice that scares even me. FCC (“fucked”) at –3:10, but it’s barely decipherable, and easily bleeped out.
7) The “epic” of the album, this is the longest song, and probably the best one as well. Killer riffs, killer vocals, and nary a blast beat in sight. Ah, the bliss of pure old-school thrash/black/death in an age of all things –core.
8) More silliness and clichés, and so damn catchy, had me singing along. FCCs, though, so leave this one alone.
9) An ode to the mosh-pit. How much more cliched and old-school can one get? This is fuckin’ awesome!
10) DIRTY! FCCs, FCCs, FCCs, don’t play this track at all! Ever!

Track Listing
1. Primal Aggression   6. Obsession
2. Outlined in Black   7. Lesser of Two Evils
3. A World of Wrath   8. Ghouls of Grandeur
4. From Hell and Back   9. Mosh-Pit Underground
5. No Compromise   10. Christ Denied