Arrington De Dionyso and the O / Varieties of Religious Experie
Album: Varieties of Religious Experie   Collection:General
Artist:Arrington De Dionyso and the O   Added:Sep 2003
Label:K Records  

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Album Review
The Bawd Of Euphony
Reviewed 2003-09-25
OLD TIME RELIJUN - Varieties of Religious Experience ( K records)
Arrington de Dionyso is the leader of the Old Time Relijun & apparently the name of the band has changed to feature his name, but in my book they are still the same olÍ Old Time Relijunƒ OTR hail from Anacortes Washington and are one of the many modern answers to Captain Beefheart. Aggressive jangly fretless guitar and crazy drum rythms provided by Phil Elvrum from the Microphones.There are multiple versions of songs and the album gets stranger towards the end. Spastic Low-fi Art Rock in the fullest, and this art wierdo loves every dripping chord! PLAY! PLAY! - tHE bAWD oF euphony

1* Straight beat. Dissonant riff, Beefheart rantingƒ the end of the world is hereƒ
2** Fast Groove led by Upright bass, jangly guitars & hip drums. Scruffy voxƒ DOPE!
3* Talking for 30 secs.. tuning, then song startsƒ Ugly riff, cool-ass drum beat, scruffy
vox..Breakdown in middle into second half.. disco beat and beefheart rantingƒ
4** Slow groove with high pitch vibrato siren singingƒ Think Mick Jagger on XTCƒ
5** Dirty Riff into phat drop grooveƒ breakdown voxƒ Upright bass seals the deal!
6- Drum machine like beat, alt version on track 4. Queeesyƒ
7* Alt version of track 3.. Noisy Saxaphoneƒ jangly guitarsƒquick tempo.. rad!
8** Cool drum sounds and toy pianos.. weirdo stomp!!! Swelling bass, growling voxƒ
9** Upright grooveƒ drop beatƒ could be a hip-hop songƒ heavy groovinÍ! Noisy sax solo at
endƒ dope!
10* Alt verson of track 9. Noisy sax, swelling bassƒ HeÍs a purple pirate! Awesome
11** Punkish, guitar and vox intro into full-on grooveƒ GREAT!
12- Alt version of track 11ƒ more lo-fiƒ Just Vox & Guitar
13- I dunno what this is.. sounds like vomitous monkies mateingƒ Coolƒ I think
14* Happyland!!!ƒ Blonde on Nitrousƒ (im reverting to metaphorsƒ)
15* Spaz groove Game show theme gone horribly wrongƒ crazyƒ
16- What the fuckƒ? BILL should play this, at the end of his show when heÍs really drunkƒ
17- Vox spaz and sax spaz duel! Who will win? The saxƒ
18- Bass and grooving drum duo
19** INSANELY Robotoc guitar sounds and crazy drumsƒ Devo on Angel Dust!
20- Free jazz with a stomach acheƒ I dunno whether to like it or take a shit..?
21- Honky honking free jazz rolly rolls
22- Acordian? Heart felt? A constipated Weenƒ

Track Listing
1. Earthquake   11. Mirror
2. Tyger   12. Mirror
3. Manticore/Lion Tamer   13. Creation Music Excerpt
4. Telephone Call   14. Happyland
5. Casino   15. Kettle
6. Telephone Call   16. Trouble
7. Manticore   17. Duo with Jacopo
8. Lion Tamer   18. Dry Bones Drum N Bass
9. Siren   19. Amphibian Factory
10. Siren   20. Snowstorm in Milano
  21. Black Cat