Kaospilot / Kaospilot
Album: Kaospilot   Collection:General
Artist:Kaospilot   Added:Sep 2003
Label:Level Plane  

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Rethink the Guidelines

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Ragnar of Ravensfjord
Reviewed 2004-04-13
Kaospilot - Kaospilot (Levelplane) Chaotic, screamo but actually pretty good chaotic screamo. Something like: Envy, Seven Days of Samsara mixed with Refused. Sounds like something that could’ve come out in 1999-2000 and would’ve been considered a “classic” among the kids who go apeshit for this kind of thing.
Lyrically, it's a mix of personal issues & politics wihich look pretty well done but the handwriting is nearly unreadable. Another low point is the fact that there are just too many songs. Overall, this could have been paired down to about 5-6 good songs.
(((1))) Loud, brash & raw screamo action
((2)) Lots of jumping bass & rhythmic parts then charging screamy stuff.
(((3))) As chaotic as raw black metal (though aesthetically & sonically miles apart) but some nice impassioned vocals & breakdowns.
(((4))) Thudding riff then random bursts of hardcore/screamo fury. If the production was a bit better this could be a better tune. Envy crossed with Funeral Diner & _________? (you fill in the blank)
(((5))) Something like a mix of later Dischord style with severly raw production and mid-90’s screamo/emo-core (before it started to become a stupid cliché).
(((6))) Guitars are tuned like Sonic Youth but the structure is all screamo/spazzy youth-core. Some nice inspired, melodic breakdowns, too.
((7)) Shuffling, 1-2-3-4 chords/patterns & totally inaudible vocals. OK, there are vocals but totally buried in the mix.
((8)) Good guitars & drumming. Plus a bit of breakdown parts that sound like outtakes from a lo-fi version of Refused’s “The Shape of Punk To Come”. The phrase “samey” is starting to come into play here.
(((9))) Agressive distant screamed vocals then thudding, rhythmic layers of guitars, bass, drums & more screamy vocals.
(10) Starts off very much like #9 and proceeds into a noisy thrashing (but not “thrash” as in metal or hardcore) of souds/structures. Nothin’ goin’ on here.
((11)) Noise rock - Amphetamine Reptile style meets modern day screamo? Something like that. Cool breakdowns but generally pretty staid & dull.

Track Listing
1. Roboto Took on the Outside   6. The Vicious Cycle
2. Rethink the Guidelines   7. Process Is Set
3. Eleventh Hour Tactics   8. Akathisia
4. Arm Your Fists   9. Letter of Condolence
5. School of Assassins   10. Dead Conversation
  11. Prologue to Better Players