400 Blows / Black Rainbow
Album: Black Rainbow   Collection:General
Artist:400 Blows   Added:Sep 2003
Label:Rehash Records  

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Album Review
Ragnar of Ravensfjord
Reviewed 2003-12-09
Oh my GodheadSilo! Total over the top noise rock with just guitar (that often sounds like a bass), vocals & drums. These guys have played in the Bay Area a ton of times in the last 2-3 years and now I’m kicking myself for missing their live shows!
Super loud & ripping heavy noise rock ‘ala the previously mentioned GodheadSilo, Floor, Lighting Bolt and some other like-minded walls of sound. To paraphrase Manowar (and Spinal Tap - kinda different, kinda not) All men play on...11! Highly addictive heaviness Even if you don’t like the vocals (they’re not for everyone, fer sure) listen to how bloody LOUD this is!

((((1)))) Bassy, loud percussive parts into super-loud & crushing riffs. A few shifts in volume but 99.9% it’s set to ROOOOOOCKKK! The line about “this is how we multiply” - made me think of a heavy rock version of Sesame Street and you KNOW that would rule!
(((2))) Tight, stop/start riffing something like a much more interesting version of Helmet mixed with
the mighty GodheadSilo.
((((3)))) Slow, sludgey with sort of nonsensical lyrics, then loud & super charging some thing like a wacked out, sped up version of verrrry early Nirvana?
((((4)))) Groovy, slower, more straight-ahead rock sounding here. Then later some killer & very loud jammin’ & varied tempos.
(((5))) Noisey-boogie rock? Yep, something like that. 70’s early ZZ Top crossed with Big Black & GodheadSilo.
(((6))) The unholy mix of The Melvins, Shellac, and yes...godHeadSilo. Lots of sludge & doom by way of ‘damage rock’ like those Bulb & Load Records bands.
((7)) Oddball instrumental with tinkling piano keys, tweaked guitar headstock notes, one note riffs,
((((8)))) Uppity tempo, with a full-on ragin’, headbanging wall o’ sound like Floor! Most stoner rock bands would kill for riffs this good! Actually, they might not kill anyone for these riffs but they could trade ‘em some killer green bud, dood!
((9)) Winding, crashing a bit like Lightinig Bolt colliding with Shellac.
(((10))) Slow, groovy Melvins/ZZ Top like lo-fi boogie. Oy vey ! What amazing, thick-ass distortion the guitar sings with! Vocals occasionally sound like Bon Scott (!) or at least in the mellow parts. Ending has a big bassy thing repeated over & over.
((((11)))) More boogie via prog via noise rock sound. Wacked out, loudness that makes you want to wear a gorilla suit and mosh through the Palo Alto City Council meetings!
((12)) Weird filtering in/out sound (or whatever you call it) then slow, cymbals (think the intro to “Back In Black”) and slow guitar strums and then...more of the same but some louder bits then a ton of stop/starts, a lot of Shellac-y/indie prog going on here.
(((((13))))) Ridiciously heavy & doomy vibe!!! Like Sleep using a massive overdrive pedal. 200 watts (the exact amount of amp power used here) of riff-itude that shakes the columns of Valhalla! There’s even a melodic, mellow-ish part here.
(((14))) A few tons of heavy, fuckin’ heavier even than recent Slayer (sorry, they DON’T cut it no’ mo’). Pissed to the gills & fucked up as all humanity. Shellac + John Bonham-like drum fills, more godHeadSilo-type action & lots of snarling, screaming and all amps set on 11! Has potential to kill Tipper Gore on contact.

Track Listing
1. The Root of Our Nature   8. The Kids Are not at Home
2. The World's Largest Miniatur   9. The Bards Must Drink and Jun
3. The Ugly Are So Beautiful   10. Everyone Is Silent
4. The Wrong Song   11. Mortar and Pestle
5. The Shipwrecked Sailor   12. A Man of Many Words
6. Thinking of You   13. Premature Burial
7. Black Rainbow   14. The Bull that Killed the Mat