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Artist:Various Artists   Added:Aug 2003
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Album Review
Your Imaginary Friend
Reviewed 2003-08-26
Sex sounds, sex music. Women moaning accompanied by music that is mostly late 60’s, 70’s, cheesy, disco and funk-kay! Novelty stuff. Kitsch, sure. Arousing? Maybe. Its tough (note I didn’t say “hard”) not to want to listen to the sound of a woman in the throes of ecstasy. But it can be annoying too, especially if you haven’t gotten any for a while. Whats more interesting about this is that you almost never hear what can be identified as a male. I guess men just aren’t that interesting when they orgasm, usually just limited to an “ugh!… um, I’m gonna go get a beer, want one?”. But seriously, this is silly stuff, almost entirely just moaning and heavy breathing over cheesy as hell music. There are a few obtuse songs included. Sure to spice up your boring old radio show. Hey, sex sells!! Also: I suspect that the song titles aren’t orginal. We have some major pranksters here.

1) moaning, whining with sparse jazz guitar and slight organ
2) funky bass driven tune
3) cheesy 60’s symphonic music, sparser “love” sounds, including a few kissy face sucking accidents, yuck
4) hey, theres a man in this one, cheesy love music and moans
5) jeeze, males appear as grunting cavemen, this one sounds pretty animalistic tribal with congas
6) the tribal feel continues, like desi and lucy on gilligans island (if you can picture that then you need help), I think lucy definitely came
7) uh oh, casio type love music with obligatory French girl singing about love
8) Disco! But this sounds more like a guy doing aerobics than you know what, hilarious
9) This one is super famous, mildly exotica, this has gotten a lot of college radio airplay in the past so think twice
10) cheesy with some Italian guy barking orders, I can only imagine what Il Duce is shouting to the poor lassy, sounds like he made her come though, probably faking it though
11) funky 70’s
12) TV soundtrack cheesy music, oh baby
13) cheesy 60’s music with rape murder theme, screams, cries, oh boy just ducky
14) huh? If I found myself fucking this woman I would stick a sock in her mouth
15) organ, guitar cheeseball
16) funk-kay! This girl can really REALLY fake it good!
17) cheesy organ with funky bass, breathing and commands like “wait” “enough” “slowly” “oh no, I came”, you get the idea
18) 60’s rock, go go boots and fucking moans
19) martin denny/60’s psyche, probably the best music on the CD
20) oh dear god: the real title to this song is “come in my mouth” and it can be found on a record called “let my people come” which is a soundtrack to an early 70’s “Adult Musical” play- this is an ode to a blow job. Its amazing! But beware, toward the end there are some major FCCs. If you pot it down in time or edit it well you got yourself a winner. Amazing!!
21) dramatic funky orchestral music

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. / Us, We
2. / Blatant Latent
3. / A Good Way to Be Bad
4. / Romp in the Swamp
5. / Follow that Blonde!
6. / Unrequired Love
7. / Slick and Greazy
8. / When Nature Calls
9. / Brown Eyes Blazing
10. / Mumbo Jumbo Gumbo
11. / Gods Gift
12. / The Bust Is Yet to Come
13. / Caveman Cookbook
14. / Bang My Drum Slowly
15. / Missionary
16. / Who Wants to Dance?
17. / Slowly but Shirly
18. / The Last Bad Habit
19. / All Ways, Always
20. / Tawdry Audrey
21. / A New Way to Sin