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Artist:Various Artists   Added:Aug 2003

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Album Review
pat blue ribbon
Reviewed 2003-09-30
Masked and Anonymous -- Soundtrack

Hmmmm -- this one's a bit of a puzzler. The soundtrack from a recent movie starring and allegedly co-written by Bob Dylan, this album mixes covers of Dylan songs (some in foreign languages), and re-worked Dylan songs by Mr. Dylan. The covers are a mixed bag -- hearing Dylan songs in Japanese or Italian or Spanish hip-hop is novel but the interest wears off after a few listens. But there are a few good covers by Turkish and Swedish and Mexican pop stars. The Grateful Dead/Jerry Garcia covers are bad! Bob's reworking of his own songs are pretty good but not earthshaking and his take on traditional songs (Dixie and Diamond Joe) are surprisingly good. This is album is somewhat like ol' Bob himself -- challenging you to not like it, to talk behind his back, to define him wrongly, to discard it as a bad career move.You be the judge, but after all, you just want to be on the side that's winning.

PICS: 14, 9, 3, 5, 9, 7, 10
1. preacher talking about God, then "My Back Pages" in Japanese
2. nice soul/gospel cover of "Gotta Serve Somebody by Shirley Caesar
3. Bob's new version of Down in the Flood -- faster
4. grateful dead -- snooze
5. Swedish female singer -- folky/beautiful
6. Los Lobos -- mixes Spanish and English lyrics
7. Dylan's version of Diamond Joe -- foot-stompin'
8. Mixing "Like a Rolling Stone" samples and Spanish hip-hop -- bad!!
9. Turkish pop star -- "One more cup of coffee" -- dramatic/symphonic pop
10. Italian Dylan-esque singer -- good!
11. Dylan singin' Dixie
12. Jerry Garcia -- zzzzzzzz
13. more rockin Dylan version of "Cold Irons Bound"
14. old man philosophizing then gospel/bluegrass cover of "City of God" -- best song on the album

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Magokoro Brothers My Back Pages
2. Shirley Caesar Gotta Serve Somebody
3. Bob Dylan Down in the Flood
4. Grateful Dead It's All Over Now Baby Blue
5. Sophie Zelmani Most of the Time
6. Los Lobos On a Night Like this
7. Bob Dylan Diamond Joe
8. Articolo 3I Come Una Pietra Scalciata
9. Sertab One More Cup of Coffee
10. Francesco De Gregori Non Dirle Che Non E Cosi
11. Bob Dylan Dixie
12. Jerry Garcia Senor
13. Bob Dylan Cold Irons Bound
14. Dixie Hummingbirds City of Gold