Christ / Metamorphic Reproduction Mirac
Album: Metamorphic Reproduction Mirac   Collection:General
Artist:Christ   Added:Jul 2003
Label:Benbecula Records  

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Dianoes Nouveau
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Album Review
Reviewed 2003-11-22
a little too structured to be IDM and a little too beat-heavy to be ambient. i guess this is downtempo? but it's more abstract than your usual downtempo. hints of pole, brian eno, boards of canada. not too much variation amongst the track so the whole album is a bit much to take. but there are some interesting tracks here and there.
oh trivia note: christ = liquid chris H. = third member of boards of canada back in the days of "twoism" and "boc maxima"

1! - lazy track with an appropriate title ("lazy daisy meadow"). electronic noises and weird samples floating through a space of drone.
2!! - this one has a gentle beat that makes me want to bop my head. i like it.
3!! - oo, there's a hint of a melody in this one. and some interesting beat patterns. and it reminds me of flying insects for some reason.
4 - this is so short and so abstract.
5! - the start abuses the stereo a bit. then it sounds like hitting pieces of wood together, along with random drawn-out noises.
6 - short, no beat. is this an interlude? i can't tell.
7! - longer track (6:07). spacey stuff.
8 - i want to describe this track as nasally but computers don't have noses.
9!! - hip-hop beat with some weird sample thing going on in the back.
10 - this track actually reminds me of royskopp. dancey but still managing to sound sad.
11! - twinkly but dissonant. neat.
12 - haha this track is called 'a giant bird'. i can see it.
13!! - robots are taking over. confusing and chaotic but somehow melodic.
14 - minimal. kind of pretty.

Track Listing
1. Lazy Daisy Meadow   8. Always to Play
2. Dianoes Nouveau   9. Mk Naomi
3. Eezeebreez   10. Skylab One
4. Medulla Oblongata   11. Pylonesque (Broken Mix)
5. Odds, Evens and Primates   12. A Giant Bird
6. Sunart   13. Ray Breakout
7. Fantastic Light   14. School Is not Compulsory