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Album Review
Katie P.
Reviewed 2004-02-26
Cantwell Gomez & Jordan "Cantwell Gomez & Jordan" - A trio from North Carolina. These guys play spazzed-out dance punk with flavors of math rock and free-jazz thrown in for good measure. There are lots of abrupt starts and stops, many tempo changes within each song, and mood changes too. There's bass, guitar, drums, and sometimes a sax. They alternate with male or female vocals, but the vocals are almost always yelled/spoken. This is pretty fun, but rough on anyone trying to dance. It will break out into a great groove and then stop before you really get into it. Recommended for anyone wanting some challenging rock music.
My Picks: 2, 8, 9
Katie P. 2/26/04

1) Angular and irregular guitar beats and drums. Yelled female vocals. Tempo changes quite a bit but is generally a fast midtempo to uptempo. Drops of completely near the middle and is very quiet. Eventually comes back in with crazy spaced out noises.
2) This one rocks with a more solid beat. Nice uptempo, but it stops and starts a lot so you can never get into a real comfortable groove. Instrumental.
3) Plodding driving beat. And of course that changes to more straight forward driving beat. Spoken/sung female vocals that are kind of fast. Gets quiet and slower in the middle.
4) Uptempo and almost bouncy. Yelled/spoken vocals. Still has that abrupt angular feel to it. Gets totally weird and free-jazzy with random guitar noodling, odd drum hits, and squonking sax.
5) Slower to start and then it picks up the tempo. Has moments of great rockin' out, moments of total freak out noise fests, and some quiet minimal parts. Instrumental.
6) Starts quiet with guitar and cymbal taps. Then come hitting in with tough bass and guitar. Vocals are sung/spoken. Ooo, some cool guitar riffs in here. Lots of changes in tempo and mood.
7) Starts with quiet guitar noodling. Slowly adds the other instruments. Male vocals that are spoken/sung. At times it's slower and then picks up the tempo quite a bit.
8) Starts with saxophone. Launches into this weird part free-jazz part dance punk song. Moments of real minimalism in there. Instrumental.
9) Starts quiet with handclaps. Bass, drums, and guitar are slowly added. Male vocals. Then it all fades out and starts over. Kind of cute.
10) Uptempo with odd rhythms, but somewhat constant. Female vocals.

Track Listing
1. Sans-A-Belt   6. Fancy Gap
2. Digital Sea Moss   7. Circus of Despair
3. Horizontal, Corazon   8. Relax, Lion Child
4. Quit Your Stupid Little Tear   9. Infant of Prague
5. Yap(P) Snake Dispenser   10. These Gentle Mammals