Maisie / Bacharach for President, Bruno
Album: Bacharach for President, Bruno   Collection:General
Artist:Maisie   Added:Jun 2003
Label:Acidsoxx Musicks  

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1. Nov 12, 2003: Brownian Motion
Listen, It's Obsessive
3. Nov 05, 2003: Brownian Motion
2. Nov 07, 2003: the discovery channel
4. Nov 05, 2003: Stirling's Approximation

Album Review
Reviewed 2003-10-07
Are they a pop band, experimental dilettantes, or electro-tweakers? Hard to decide from the evidence of this album. Italians all around but they sing in English except for one track in French. Some of the English lyrics are OK but the woman singer, especially, has an unfortunately grating accent as if she’s pronouncing phonetically and trying for a cowpoke accent to boot (and I mention this only because Italian-speaking-English accents are usually very charming)

1. Trebly, tense, harsh, odd ditty
2. Keening vocals and tinkly electronics and plinky guitar accompaniment; “fuck”
3. Suave lounge jazz but with the off kilter aspect of very breathy vocals – not at all suave
4. Catchy tune attached to a druggy, whiny vocal
5. Weak tune about making a porno, but the funny thing is how the accents are on all the wrong words – a result of phonetic English, and not very good at that, perhaps
6. Third-rate David Bowie emoting mars a slow, quiet, pretty tune; “bullshit”
7. Chamber pop piece with strings, etc. The Simon Jeffes of the title is leader of the Penguin Café Orchestra, who popularized, if that’s the word, such chamber pop
8. Dark tribute to the violently dying rock stars of the past thirty years
9. Dyspeptic march
10. Twisted lyrics, average tune; “bullshit”
11. Beautiful buildup of tension, cool effects
12. Wannabe a summer beach fun pop song but the forced vox rain on the effort; then again, maybe it’s irony they’re after
13. Celebration of candies, but the song’s not sweet enough
14. Another story to which to sleep upright … or so read the French lyrics of this slow, sad tune
15. Strange backcountry tune about eating pork; despite the title, it’s FCC-approved, even if not Department of Agriculture grade-A
16. Primo tune and oh-so-sad trumpets … but that damned weird-ass Italian/cowpoke singing again mars the thing for me
17. Would-be psychedelic pop
18. Slight/innocent/carefree feel to the song and vocals
19. Paradoxically disturbing electronic lullaby

Track Listing
1. Listen, It's Obsessive   10. Post Modern?
2. I'm Ashamed   11. Post Modern!
3. Flight Song #7   12. Sipsysolly
4. Guts   13. Candies
5. Ambra and Her Fans   14. H.A.D.D.
6. Dancing Stone   15. I Am not a Fucking Vegeteria
7. Easy Tune for Simon Jeffes   16. I Am Sad
8. Division 6   17. Sense of Speed
9. Vigo Oh Oh   18. When I Float
  19. William Lustig