Hammerlock / Anthems for Outlaws
Album: Anthems for Outlaws   Collection:General
Artist:Hammerlock   Added:Jun 2003
Label:Man's Ruin Records  

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Album Review
Ragnar of Ravensfjord
Reviewed 2003-08-06
S.F.’s only Confederacy of Scum band (some member bands are Rancid Vat, AntiSeen, and Cocknoose) who are a sonic collision of Molly Hatchett, AntiSeen, and maybe a better version of the Supersuckers (though I think these folks country sentiment is authentic & ‘the suckers’ are just phonies) + a bit of David Allen Coe.
This trio has been playing what seems like forever in S.F. but few people pay attention. Hmm...maybe ‘cause it wouldn’t be “cool” to like a band like this. I got $10 that says those are the same fuckwads who love ‘white-trash chic’ but know NOTHING about working-class/poor white people.
Yeah, I might not like all the lyrics here but it’s not as offensive to me as “porno-grind(core)” or fake-ass X-Games “punk”. The music equivalent of knockin’ back a fifth of Jim Beam whilst watching a classic 1980’s match between Bruiser Brody & Abdullah The Butcher - lots of o’ mayhem - the ‘murican way! ((1.)) Cow-bell intro (and more cow-bell in the mix!) - AntiSeen/Molly Hatchett boogie-rawk trucking tune.
((2.)) Nice country slide intro fast, basic boogie rocker, very repetitive but really great.
3) I’ll take a wild guess and say this is a slag against the general attitude/perception of the Bay Area (or at least what I’d say a LOT of the rest of the country looks at this place). Boils down to a generic Liberatrian style stance. Musically a mid-pace boogie with a a lot of repetition, pretty cool & catchy.
((4)) Very fast & ripsnortin’ boogie punker. Killer slide solo in the middle, to boot! The “hate” they’re talking about here is towards government/authorites - so don’t expect some ‘endorsement’ of Michael WeinerSavage or Rush or. ?
5) Fast as a nitro burning funny car - tune about a crazy American Indian dude who liked his liquor. I knew a dude like this down Santa Cruz way once...
((6)) Oy vey! They’re gonna kill me but I hate Coors in any container but whatever - yer basic, drinkin’ & fun song with a basic boogie/blues/country shuffle going on. Nice. Damn, why weren’t these guys around when I was into my heshin’ aggression days?
7) Mid-tempo, twangy punk with hella shouted vocals. VERY much an “outlaw anthem”!
8) I don’t know the original but this is a pretty cool take on some trad-country or folk tune about the Civil War. Super catchy.
((9.)) Another cover of I dunno who but a nice slow, twangy country rock (in the real way not the sleep inducing way like The Outlaws or somethin’) with really good female vocals. 10.). Broken down twangy blues-slide into heavy boogie/punk-iblly rawk.
11.) A seriously fucked up punk-abilly rock love song. I could do without the line “and a V.C. ate my dog”. Even though there’s no “Viet Cong” in California, he might mean ‘venture capitalist’?
((12.)) Slow, chuggin’ boogie rawker about going to Lake Country, Minnesota and being ‘drunk with guns’.
((13.)) Super fast, punk whirlwind...not quite ‘hardcore’ but just as good in this case.
14.) Another cover tune that I dunno the original of but this is a cool, mid-tempo heavy country rocker about drinkin’ & the Bible.
((15.)) Super-twangy, cover of George Jones? No matter who’s tune this is - it’s a pretty fun romp like jammin’ through the Nawlins swamp on a hydrofoil.
16.) Loud, twangy but slow-ish love song.
17.) It’s got a Van Zant name attached to the song credits so is this a Skynrd cover? Most likely (I mean who covers Rossington-Collins stuff?). Basic, chugging, slow tune-southern fried (by way of San Francisco) punk.
((18.)) Something like a Southern version of later Poison Idea. Mid-tempo & thunderous punk.
((19)) Ah, yessss! An ode to the great Rancid Vat guitarist/writer/huge music fiend/pro wrestling expert - Thee Whiskey Rebel ! (now residing down Austin, Texas way). Acoustic 12-bar blues guitars, boogie-woogie piano (via Tim Green of the Fucking Champs). Where do you get bottles of “Fightin’ Cock”? 20.) Mid-tempo loud boogie (I must’ve used that word 99,998 times aleady!) twang tune about crushing the government. Crank this loud next time one of those Clinton-era assholes like Al Gore or Janet Reno show up in your town!

Track Listing
1. Sweet Senorita   11. California
2. Born Lucky   12. Lake County
3. When Outlaws Are Outlawed   13. Militia Time
4. Hate Radio   14. Musta Been Drunk
5. Black Foot Stomp   15. Who Shot Sam
6. Cold Coors   16. The River Is Rising
7. Carried By Six   17. Mississippi Kid
8. Battle of New Orleans   18. Mexican Sun
9. Tennessee Whiskey   19. Whiskey Rebel
10. Devil's Gonna Get Ya   20. Tear 'em Down