Jamez / Dreamchasing
Album: Dreamchasing   Collection:General
Artist:Jamez   Added:Jun 2003
Label:Mute Records  

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Dreamchaser, Falling in Love, Energy of Life, Levitate, Feeling Good, Thanx, People Will Believe
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Energy of Life

Album Review
geoff goodfellow
Reviewed 2005-08-18

from the netherlands: a fantastically blended aural cocktail of "old-school" techno, house and trance that is somewhat reminiscent of terry lee brown, jr. while the beats are pretty intense, there are multiple layers of synthing that keep the vibe warm, groovy and totally engaging. REALLY AWESOME!!!

-->picks: 1***, 2***, 5*** & 9**. NO FCCs.

1***uptempo. bangin'! dark. occasional subdued m & f voxing.
2***uptempo. bangin'! warm keyboard synthing and strings.
3* uptempo. hard techno beat with snares. female vox. strings.
4; uptempo. hard techno beat with trance like accents. slight male vox.
5***uptempo. bangin'! male vox "energy of life". multi-layered synthing.
6* uptempo. hard tech-house beats. subdued female vox "falling in love".
7; uptempo. hard tech-house beat with layers of warm synthing.
8; mid to uptempo. a fusion of techno, house, and trance. quiet male vox.
9** uptempo. dark. distorted male vox with darth vader breathing noises and layers of warm synthing.

Track Listing
1. People Will Believe   5. Energy of Life
2. Thanx   6. Falling in Love
3. Feeling Good   7. Dreamchaser
4. Levitate   8. Testpilot
  9. Yellow Circle