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Album Review
Your Imaginary Friend
Reviewed 2003-06-05
Adbusters is a fine magazine from Vancouver that attempts to jam consumerism, the media. They bring us things like “turn off your tv week” and the annual “buy nothing day” (day after thanksgiving). This is a compilation cd produced by them, featuring previous work by a ton of excellent artists all mixed by DJ Spooky, ranging from psyche indie rock to jungle to hip hop to dub reggae and sample art, even Sun Ra. The cd starts with typical anti consumer, media themes but then gets into an anti-war jag that gives The Fire This Time a run for its money (indeed, there is a remixed track from that very cd, #12). Immediately you realize that this cd is as important, if not more. Excellent excellent excellent. Tracks run together so it works well if you need to go take a crap. I especially like how tracks 10-13 run together (great anti TWAT, the war against terrorism). Great cd, the shit.

(tracks 10-13 really flow together well)

1) Not in our name pledge by Saul Williams over funky beat
2) interlude
3) GDP adbusters ad that should in all rights be a KZSU psa
4) ani difranco, anti power, funky folk
5) treated muslim chant followed by the adbusters “buy nothing day” ad, anticonsumerism
6) boom beats with cool samples, scratching, war theme arises briefly
7) war theme over jazzy ninja tune feel
8) Negativland: great commentary on commercials, more pepsi stuff
9) dubby feel, prose
10) (play in continuous mode from this point on as long as you wish, or 10-13) this starts off with an undeniable bang that goes straight for your G spot, “the lunatics have taken over the asylum”, creepy shrub quotes
11) gets breaky, MLK
12) upbeat jungle, The Fire This Time, slightly eastern
13) beautiful anti-tv message, “more time watching sex on tv than making love…”
14) beatless interlude
15) funky trip hop feel
16) brief chill segueway
17) nice, Mario Savio and MalcolmX
18) hip hop feel, Michael Franti, yes, one juicy FCC “fuck the constitution!” at 1:20 minutes in
19) FCCs, some shits and fucks, too bad cuz this is one of the best tracks
20) the one and only PUBLIC ENEMY, a “bushit”: I guess that’s an FCC but this song is off the scale worth it
21) FCCs, too bad
22) tribal feeling psych indie rock
23) deep dub reggae, anti racism
24) upbeat reggae
25) more reggae BAD BRAINS, strange treatments
26) SUN RA’s nuclear war, unplayable FCCs “MF”
27) Rappish folk, yes you heard right
28) allen ginsberg, early 70’s anti-American Vietnam hip hop mix
29) mellow instrumental, dissonant
30) adbusters ad in Japanese
31) funky hip hop w/ female prose

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Saul Williams The Pledge
2. Dj Spooky Interlude: Journey Into Soun
3. Adbusters Gross Domestic Product
4. Ani Difranco Coming Up
5. Baghdad Live Muslim Chant
6. Tino Basic Beat
7. Dj Spooky Vs. Dj Goo That Subliminal Kid and ....
8. Negativland Why Is this Commercial?
9. Dj Spooky Interlude
10. Coldcut Re:Volution(Feat. G.W. Bush)
11. (International) Noise Cons, th The First Conspiracy
12. Fire this Time, the Reluctant Warrior
13. Asian Duc Foundation Rivers of Dub
14. Dj Spooky Dubtometry Interlude
15. Ebn State Extension
16. Intrinsic Sky Sound System Vajra Kilaya Mix
17. Matthew Herbert Starbucks
18. Micheal Franti and Spearhead Rock the Nation(The Dawning)
19. El-P Deep SPACE-9MM
20. Public Enemy Revolverlution
21. J-Live Satisfied?
22. Honey Barbara Famous Animal
23. Mad Professor Asylum of Dub
24. Alter Echo As Yet Untitled
25. Bad Brains Leaving Babylon
26. Sun Ra & His Arkestra Nuclear War
27. Stephan Smith New World Worder
28. Allen Ginsberg End the Vietnam War
29. Fugazi Pink Frosty Demo
30. Adbusters Buy Nothing Day Ad in Japane
31. King Britt Feat. Ursula Rucker Human Beings Want to Be Happ