Hanzel & Gretyl / Uber Alles
Album: Uber Alles   Collection:General
Artist:Hanzel & Gretyl   Added:Jun 2003
Label:Metropolis Records  

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Album Review
Ragnar of Ravensfjord
Reviewed 2003-08-13
“What beer there is in the German brain”
- Freddy Nietzsche. Gottenhimmel! Even Germans don’t overemphasisize the tonalities of a word like “Ich”! H.U.G. = a silly “nazi-chic” duo making some actually OK electro-industrial metal stuff. Now, aesthetically/lyrically this is NOT a nazi band. For fuck’s sake the dude’s wearing leiderhosen! (Actually, nazis never seem to go beyond mere suspenders. Hmm...). This is no more ‘nazi’ than, oh say...Hogan’s Heroes or “Springtime for Hitler”. Das ist kamp! (not Kulturkampf). OK, now that we have that out of the way here’s das musik:
1) Sirens, some quasi-Wagner-isms, electronics, snippets of some random Germanic dumbkoff (probably not ther real thing) and then snippettes of what sounds like Il Duce but in German? Weird.
2) Rob Zombie stars in this strange Z-movie about nazis from space. Directed by Lloyd Kaufmann (“Toxic Avenger”). Joe Bob says “don’t check it out”!
3) Groovy, little 808 machine which is instantly crush by loud guitars with repetitve, catchy, bouncy, goosesteppin’ silliness. Pretty fun for what it is.
((4.)) Classic intro with slow Ministry heavy groove with Nina Hagen’s very American wannabe Deustchfraulen sister on “die vokals”. Amusing & again totally campy.
5.) Thrashy, groovey then settles into mid-tempo with more of ‘die koo-koo-fraulen’ on vocals. Too repetitive to really work.
((6.)) Heavy, industrial beats with loud chuggin’ guitars. KMFDM by way of Hogan’s Heroes, Star Wars & Ilsa: The Wicked Warden. Amusing, rockin’ & totally silly!
7.) Slow, typically crawlling industrial/heavy rock thing not too far from say, Marylin Manson or an amped up version of Garbage (?) if they lived in Bavaria.
8.) Huh? Germanic kiddie musik. They let their real identities (re: American) slip through here if you listen closely.
9.) Slow & repetitve as Eichman’s corpse blowin’ in the wind.
((10.)) Classical-intro, dancey-floor funky-ness, sounds like the characters from the video game “Castle Wolfenstein” doing the vocals here. Goofy but fun.
((11.)) A sitar & tabla??? Weird! OK, then it launches off into a catchy, sci-fi industrial/heavy rock number. FCC”s “Fuck it up, fuck it up”.
((12.)) Indian-laden, electronic-dancey industrial psychedelic musical version of the exploitation flick “Love Camp 7” ? Or is this just a industrial-rock nod to Madeline Kahn’s Germanic chantuese character in “Blazing Saddles”?
13.) Slow, bouncy, electro beats & whispered vocals and more tabla!?!?!? Silly & amusing.

Track Listing
1. Overture   7. Let the Planets Burn
2. Third Reich From the Sun   8. Intermission
3. Ich Bin Uber Alles   9. 11:11
4. Komm Zu Uns   10. Verbotenland
5. Mach Schnell   11. Transplutonium
6. Ss Deathstar   12. Mein Kommandant