Ramzy, Hossam / El Sultaan
Album: El Sultaan   Collection:World
Artist:Ramzy, Hossam   Added:May 2003
Label:Arc Music Inc.  

Recent Airplay
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Ya A-Az Min Eyini
3. May 27, 2015: 5-27-2015
Eddalla Ala Kefak
2. Sep 28, 2015: 9-28-2015
Ya A-Az Min Eyini
4. Aug 20, 2013: Aug-2-=2013
Eddalla Ala Kefak, Ya A-Az Min Eyini

Album Review
Reviewed 2003-06-30
This Egyptian percussionist has recorded with artists as diverse at the Gypsy Kings, Pavarotti, Rolling Stones, Chick Corea, and about a dozen others (read the notes). Here he plays classical Egyptian dance music. All instrumentals.

*1. Bright, and fun.
2. More relaxed w/nice blending of horns/string/percussion.
3. Nice solos from the band make a happy dance sound..
4. Mid-tempo w/flutes adding a nice touch of brightness.
*5. Fast blend of strings/flutes/percussion. Catchy.
6. Uptempo w/emphasis on the flute/percussion interplay.
7. Starts slow & melodic, gets fast & driving. Very nice.
8. Slow intro, picks up w/a tabla solo, gets rather frantic.

Track Listing
1. Eddalla Ala Kefak   5. Ya A-Az Min Eyini
2. Tool Omri Ba-Hebbak   6. Bait El-Ez Ya Betna
3. Rannet Khol-Khali   7. Ya Bent El-Sultaan
4. Ana Albi Elik Mayyal   8. Yama Layali