Marduk / World Funeral
Album: World Funeral   Collection:General
Artist:Marduk   Added:May 2003
Label:Regain Records  

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World Funeral

Album Review
Orges Beqiri
Reviewed 2003-06-04
Marduk – World Funeral (Regain Records)
Oh, this is great. White corpse paint, tattoos, long, straight, black hair, leather clothes, metal spikes and studs, human skulls, inverted crosses, pentagrams, beer bellies (check the liner note pictures). This is vicious, blistering, relentless, insert-generic-clichéd-adjective-here black metal. Period. It is much faster and more intense than their last one, more blast-beat ridden, angrier, more satanic, more blacker-than-black. The songs have power, the drumming is tight, the bass is buzzing, the guitars are fast and warbled and have this annoying high-end hiss (blame it on production/mix), the vocals are screamed at the top of his lungs. The tempos change, they vary from the Panzer like fury of the opening track, to the Danse Macabre feel of track 5 (“To the Death’s Head True”). The only thing lacking is creativity. This is kinda dull. I’ve seen/heard it all before, and these dudes aren’t breaking any new grounds. I mean, this is their eighth album, and aside from different production, there are few differences between different songs on different albums. The scene has become stagnant! Its only salvaging factor is the fact that it’s played with such power and passion and intensity. Add-worthy.

Recommended Tracks:
1) Starts out with some sample about some dude who’s inspired by the devil (very funny). Then the guitars and blast-beats break through and it’s so cool and refreshing to hear them. FCC at –0:16 (easily bleeped out “fucking”).
2) More midtempo, with some cool grooves and nice melodies. Still vicious though, especially that vocal delivery. Awesome lyrics about necrophilia.
3) Back to speed! And what speed, with great blast-beats, some awesome guitars and constant bass buzz. FCCs (“shit” at –0:46 and –0:25).
4) Like tracks 1 and 3 above, very fast, relentless attack on your ears. This will cave your skull in, it’s that heavy.
5) Doomy dirge, with slow guitars that plod along, and military drums accentuated by the occasional double-bass blast. You can actually hear the bass on this one. It feels as though it never ends.
6) Another mid-tempo piece with a very cool memorable melody.
And so it goes, fast song, not-so-fast song, fast song, not-so-fast song, ad nauseam. It does get a little repetitive, but that’s ok.
9) Awesome melody, sounds very middle Eastern.
11) Instrumental with military overtones and just a dark-as-all-fuck mood, would work great as soundbed or intro.

Track Listing
1. With Satan and Victorious We   6. Castrum Doloris
2. Bleached Bones   7. Hearse
3. Cloven Hoof   8. Night of the Long Knives
4. World Funeral   9. Bloodletting
5. To the Death's Head True   10. Blessed Unholy
  11. Blackcrowned