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Album Review
Katie P.
Reviewed 2003-04-22
"A Mighty Wind" - This is the soundtrack to the latest Christopher Guest movie "A Mighty Wind." For those that don't know, this is the same guy who brought you such great movies as Spinal Tap, Best in Show, and more. This is a mockumentary/movie about folk singers from the 60's. There are 3 groups in the movie and they are spot on. All songs are originals for the movie written by the actors (and performed by them too) except the one Rolling Stones cover (oh my god). The New Main Street Singers, 9 piece folk group, like to sing about happy things and the bible. They are really corny and sound like they are playing at a theme park. The Folksmen (same people as Spinal Tap) are a trio that take themselves pretty seriously. They're good musicians and their songs are either really silly or totally dark and moody (and end up being quite funny). Mitch and Mickey are a duo that had a romantic past and sing sweet love songs on the guitar and autoharp. These songs are great, but some are subtler in their ridiculousness. The great part about this album is that the music is really good and so is the singing. Just about everything on this album is worth playing (given the right context). And check out the album covers of these bands in the liner notes - oh my god!!
My Picks: 3, 4, 8, 12
Katie P. 4/22/03

1) Midtempo folk song. Banjo, guitar, and bass. Totally silly song about a restaurant. It's definitely got some bluegrass roots too. This was the hit for the Folksmen.
2) Dragging midtempo. Ultra sugary sweet. It's got a country feel, but oh god the lyrics are just too much!! Well done.
3) Ahh? cute little love song. Great harmonies. Nice guitar and don't forget the autoharp. Wow.
4) Darker and moody. The lyrics are so funny, but it's sung in all earnestness. This is the better version of this song (track #10 is the New Main Street Singers version, ugh). Guitar, mandolin, and bass.
5) Oh god no!! Cutesy song about sailing. Midtempo and kind of bouncy.
6) Sweet love song that is soft and slow. Lyrics are kind of funny when you really listen to them.
7) Midtempo island song using guitar, bass, and banjo. Totally silly. It sounds like they've got some steel drums or something too.
8) Oh yeah. Lots of clapping and ridiculous bible stories. The lyrics are just funny enough to not make it too annoying.
9) Totally dark and moody. Kind of spanish guitar sound in there. The lyrics are so great! Oh god, and then the spanish lyrics!! Woo!
10) Oh no! Same song as track #4 but done in the same way that performers at Great America might sing it. It really is quite perfect in its awfulness.
11) Ooo, this one wasn't in the movie. Once again a love song, but this time a bit more tragic. The best part is that it's about people during the civil war. How bizarro.
12) Yet another dark song by the Folksmen about a tragedy in the coal mines. It's a terrible story, but man it's just so funny. Nice uptempo strumming and great harmonies. Also a song not in the movie.
13) Oh yes, it's their theme song. Like I said, it sounds like the performers in a theme park. Please no!!!
14) Ha ha ha!!! Wow, the Rolling Stones song has never sounded great in a really weird way. Uptempo with guitar, bass, and mandolin (I think). This is too much. Also wasn't in the movie.
15) This sounds like something from Hee-Haw. Midtempo with banjo, guitar, and bass. Plenty of harmonies. Wow. This is terrible in ways that make it so good.
16) Mitch and Mickey's hit song. Very sweet love song. Totally sappy, but sung so nicely that it's quite beautiful.
17) The finale song with all the bands. Midtempo folk song. Lyrics are pretty funny. "It's blowin' equality!"

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Folksmen, the Old Joe's Place
2. New Main Street Singers, the Just that Kinda Day
3. Mitch & Mickey When You're Next to Me
4. Folksmen, the Never Did no Wanderin'
5. New Main Street Singers, the Fare Away
6. Mitch & Mickey One More Time
7. Folksmen, the Loco Man
8. New Main Street Singers, the The Good Book Song
9. Folksmen, the Skeletons of Quinto
10. New Main Street Singers, the Never Did no Wanderin'
11. Mitch & Mickey The Ballad of Bobby and June
12. Folksmen, the Blood on the Coal
13. New Main Street Singers, the Main Street Rag
14. Folksmen, the Start Me Up
15. New Main Street Singers, the Potato's in the Paddy Wagon
16. Mitch & Mickey A Kiss at the End of the ...
17. Full Cast A Mighty Wind