Jumbo's Killcrane / Carnaval De Carne
Album: Carnaval De Carne   Collection:General
Artist:Jumbo's Killcrane   Added:Apr 2003
Label:Crucial Blast  

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Album Review
Orges Beqiri
Reviewed 2003-05-09
Jumbo’s Killcrane – Carnaval de Carne (Crucial Blast)
This is supposed to be some sort of sludge-y math rock/metal, and the band members describe themselves as “cavemen with calculators with dying batteries”. Sure. I can’t come up with a better name anyway. These guys are like monkeys on steroids and crack: running around everywhere, breaking shit, fucking something-or-other that’s not entirely meant to be, well, fucked. Which isn’t bad per se, but it leaves me with the feeling that this album hasn’t accomplished anything. They’re a little like Meshuggah as in there are no memorable, standard song constructions or even instrumental parts. Instead, they twist and turn everywhere and go off where you least expect ‘em to. The music is very nice and technical, but it has that careless, psychedelic, drug-influenced vibe to it (I think it’s the production). The vocals are strange. Part screamed, part growled, part mumbled they are mixed a little back and sound muddy and not very intelligible. The riffs and breakdowns are great; the bass has this buzzzzz to it that was making my speakers crackle and pop. Everything sound like it was recorded while these dudes were knee-deep in molasses; slow and steady and fucking cool. I reckon it did take me a while to grow to like it, but it’s worth it.
1) FCCs.
2) Some neat squeals and leads and stuff, though I cant really understand what the hell he’s saying. Cool semi-chorus. I think there’s an FCC somewhere in there, but I can’t be sure.
3) More mellow, with some cool runs in the background, unusual keyboard work made to sound kinda like a flute, neat drums, and vox that sound like EYEHATEGOD-meets-Crowbar.
4) Nice chorus, probably the most memorable moment on this album.
5) Slow start that picks up with some cool stop-n-go riffs and growled/screamed vox, and a bass line that will have you thinking “What the fuck were they thinking?” There’s this semi-breakdown and some neat leads throughout. Cool stuff. Again, I think I heard “fuck” somewhere in there, but I just can’t tell for sure.
6) Up-tempo, almost-thrasher, but very prog-sounding. The vox are a bit more standard alternative/southern rock style. Kick-ass leads again, and impeccable drumming.

Track Listing
1. Fellatio   4. Case in Progress
2. Tonymegshi   5. Gasmouth
3. Tres Futbol Del Mono I   6. Claxton Ii