Mouse on Mars / Glam
Album: Glam   Collection:General
Artist:Mouse on Mars   Added:Apr 2003
Label:Thrill Jockey Records  

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Album Review
Reviewed 2003-04-28
This is truly excellent. Lots of noisy sounds and dark airy synths. Beautiful compositions. Actually it was made to be the score of a movie that never made it. MOM released this album anyway in 1996 as an LP only

(((1))) slow start, turns into dreamy synths, with discordant beats, beeps, and distortion. So pretty. 2) bubbily beat. Underwater electronic sounds. electronic wizzes. 3) faster paced beat. Buzzes, beeps, wizzes going on in the background. ((4)) slow synth, various electronic sounds accent the synth later in the song. Pretty evolution. 5) cooing electronic sounds with keyboard and fastish beats. (((6))) dark electronic drones, light beat on top. Synths lighten up later. Beats stops half way through. Dreamy synths. Bubbily, watery beat comes in at the end. *** slow end. Music stops ~ 10 secs early!***. 7) airy synths, and light slow keyboard, water sounds. ((8)) scratchy sounds, droning electro background. Water sounds. we could be in a control room underwater. Synths come in later with a slow simple beat. Beeps and buzzes here and there. (((9))) starts with sound collage. Deep rumblings. Light beat comes in late, becomes heavier and distorted. Buzzes, crunching beats. Breaks into electric wizzes, beeps and synths. The beat is added again. ((10)) light somewhat melodic synths. Bubbily beeps, droning electronic sound. Very pretty. 11) light droning synths, bubbily, watery beats. Crunchy sounds come in later and make the song heavier. 12) slow dreamy synths, water drops. 13) A continuation of track 12. no water drops, but a boing boing sound. ((14)) dark airy synths, and a rubbling electric sound. gets more urgent as a beat is added. Beats drop out and you are left with swirly electro sounds and buzzing. (((15))) slow, spacey synths. A fuzzed out beat comes in later. keyboard melody. Beat drops out at end, left with only a melody.

Track Listing
1. Port Dusk   8. Film
2. Grindscore   9. Tiplet Metal Plate
3. Snap Bar   10. Hi Court Low Cut
4. Tankpark   11. Funky Tiste
5. Mood Leck Backlash   12. Starroom
6. Rerelease Hysteresis   13. Litamin
7. Pool Smooth and Hidder   14. Hetzchase Nailway
  15. Glim