Evolution Control Committ, the / Plagiarythm Nation
Album: Plagiarythm Nation   Collection:General
Artist:Evolution Control Committ, the   Added:Apr 2003
Label:Seeland Records  

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Album Reviews
Tom Purcell
Reviewed 2003-10-01
Yes Bill, I'm listening. ECC is definitely one of the funkiest of the cut-and-paste pirates and this album is straight up brilliant. The following tracks get the extra strength "Dead Kenny-Gs Seal of Approval™":

2, 4, 5, 7, 8, 12, 19, 20, and 21

Be sure to play them all, though
Your Imaginary Friend
Reviewed 2003-04-16
Genius sample artists, listenable, enjoyable, hilarious, without the preachy trappings of, say, Negativland. Dan Rather sample piece is here, others are just plain hilarious. Lots of serious funk appropriation here (are you listening Tom?). All fantastic!! Say hello to one of your all time favorite cds!

1) absolutely brilliant melding of the natl anthem with the oscar meyer wiener/baloney ditty
2) DON’T PLAY, FCCs, oh my god this is the most hilarious thing I’ve ever heard! Apollo 11 talking to NASA Houston in an oh frank manner
3) brief
4) upbeat driving funky beat, self help, I want sex, I want a cookie
5) Rocked By Rape, Dan Rather and AC/DC, this is great but it has been played to death by kfjc et al, so please use discretion
6) spoof using terrible 80’s love song (who was that, haircut 100?), gets all break beat and hardcore, cool man
7) funky as hell song about snatch, silly, not lewd surprisingly
8) a song about bisquick pancake/waffle mix
9) noisy voice samples over funky cool electrobeats
10) silly childlike brief interlude, “toot”
11) brief, “which side are you on?” is the repeating folky sampled question, a question with more meaning these days than ever, leads nicely into the next track
12) hip hop flavored yin yang, yes no
13) “hamburgers” “potato salad” “watermelon” weird hick feel, silly
14) goofy funky feel
15) voice sample
16) interesting electro
17) “big noodle” bizarreness
18) brief, silly
19) oh boy, spoof of 50’s feel good sitcom, like Leave it to Beaver or My Three Sons, a bit lewd, about sperm
20) pork chops, chicken livers
21) chill funkiness
22) funky music w/ a crazy person voiceover
23) downtempo beat, obscure voiceover
24) brief strange instrumental electro
25) “I don’t care” sample collage, phil Collins to james brown
26) hmm, bondage theme, dark slow industrial
27) dedication, ultra brief
28) spoof remake of “merry Christmas” in a 50’s way
29) brief

Track Listing
1. Star Spangled Bologna   15. 5000 Bc
2. The Fucking Moon   16. Arrhythmic Nation
3. Hello   17. The Big Noodle Song
4. I Want a Cookie   18. Prick
5. Rocked By Rape   19. Sex Re-Education
6. Spandau Filet   20. Dinner
7. Don't Miss the Great Snatch   21. Donations #3
8. Breakast   22. Candy Wrapper
9. Donations #1   23. Fearsome As Odd Danger
10. Toot   24. Arrhthmia's Gonna Get You
11. Nearly no Time for Yes   25. I Don't Care
12. No Time for Yes   26. Nasha
13. Lunch   27. Dedication
14. Donations #2   28. The Christmas Wrong
  29. Goodbye