Gravy Train / Hello Doctor
Album: Hello Doctor   Collection:General
Artist:Gravy Train   Added:Apr 2003
Label:Kill Rock Stars  

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Album Review
Your Imaginary Friend
Reviewed 2003-04-27
Bad electroclash. Bad new wave casio beats, potty mouth female mostly vocs try to shock but sorry, I’m not that easily shocked. And I’m not being a snob here: this is simply an example of people not admitting the Emperor is nekkid. I saw them live a couple weeks back at the Hemlock and wasn’t too impressed. This cd at least verifies that I know a crappy band when I see one. Okay, I’ll lighten up, its silly, its irreverent, but its not that good if you ask me. And every single song is rife with FCC violations (except 5 which is an instrumental and I think track 8). So it gets drecked. I really wanted to like this band too as I am told they are some Tucson ex-pats. Sorry. Play Chicks on Speed, Peaches, Crack We Are Rock or the plethora of other great electroclash instead. This sucks.

Track Listing
1. Titties Bounce   6. Burger Baby
2. Hella Nervous   7. You Made Me Gay
3. Double Decker Supreme   8. Mouthfulla Capd
4. Kotton Mouth Bj   9. Cutter Butter
5. Laffin All the Way to the   10. Pussy Thrusts