Paik / Orson Fader, the
Album: Orson Fader, the   Collection:General
Artist: Paik   Added:Apr 2003
Label: Clairecords  

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Killing Windmills
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Orson Fader
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Orson Fader

Album Review
Reviewed 2003-05-21
Lackluster MBV-derived stuff. Trio from Detroit. x2 guitars, drums, assorted electronic effects. All tracks start w/ minimal guitar riff, which predictably become a wash of distortion. No mood or groove ever emerges, just repetitive and tedious as hell. Only real mind-altering effect for me was subjective time dialation....tracks seem way longer than they are. Would sound killer if you were hugely baked and playing it yourself. Some of the tracks could be strengthed by good vocals, or could be used as movie incidental music...something for context.

1. Massive guitar, heavy on sustain. Incidental music for hip TV drama.
2. Drab guitar melody w/ Kevin Shields glider effect. So fukkin dull.
3. Slow beat, boring bassline. Becomes dreamy huge sound, fades into 4.
4. Absolutely nowhere.
5. Static and echo sounds. Guitar oscillator effects, no drums. Could be good for trippy sequence in movie.
6. I can't muster a description...
7. Like a talentless Interpol.
8. More incidental music. Maybe OK in small taste.
*9. Would be pretty good with vocals. Nice ending.
10. Starts good, then poops out.
11. A little like Loveliescrushing.
12. Industrial sounds, guitar. A little like Main.

Track Listing
1. Detroit   7. Star 80
2. Tall Winds   8. Loops for Chrome
3. Purple   9. Orson Fader
4. Black Car   10. Twilight Storms
5. Low Battery Transmission   11. Killing Windmills
6. Ghost Ship   12. Red Current