Najma / Vivid
Album: Vivid   Collection:World
Artist:Najma   Added:Mar 2003
Label:Mondo Melodia  

Recent Airplay
1. Aug 19, 2003: At the Cafe Bohemian

Album Review
Reviewed 2003-05-01
Slightly "exotic" pop music - not particularly beautiful or memorable or powerful or ... vivid. The approach seems to be to put a mildly Asian veneer on what, in most cases, are thoroughly average Top 40-type ballads, but no so much as to distract the listener from his/her primary task - cubicle-dweller's lite rock, in other words. My recommendation - speak with one of our fine Indian music hosts and hostesses and get their recommendation on some proper Indian pop music.

1. Attractively sinuous bass line and decent (i.e., expressive but not acrobatic) vocals
2. More poppy and less memorable
3. Bollywood-style songs rarely survive translation to English. The British woman's solo in Lagaan is a prime example, as is this. To make matters worse, this is sapped of all energy.
4. Aiiieeeee, such hackery - in composition and arrangement
5. Better - minor key and mysterious with admirable restraint in the arrangement
6. Another, er ... oops, forgot already what that sounded like ... not worth going back, though
7. Irredeemably dull
8. Slightly more uptempo than the rest
9. Avoid like the fucking plague this frightening spiritual pap/pop - no doubt this would be a great hit among adherents of some cult of narcissistic nirvana seekers - "reach out and touch" - hey, maybe we could use that for ... telephone service advertising!
10. Only better by comparison to track 10 atrocity - on any normal scale, zzzzz
11. I would almost recommend this but for the Orientalist snake-charmer bit in the middle, which is laughable

Track Listing
1. Captive   6. Afsana
2. Miskatonic   7. Tale Spinner
3. Whispers   8. Justice Coming
4. Rise Above   9. New Light
5. Kahani   10. Running Scared
  11. Classico