Crewe, Sally & the Sudden Move / Drive It Like You Stole It
Album: Drive It Like You Stole It   Collection:General
Artist:Crewe, Sally & the Sudden Move   Added:Feb 2003

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The Loan Sharks

Album Review
Katie P.
Reviewed 2003-03-26
Sally Crewe & The Sudden Moves "Drive It Like You Stole It" - A trio with the singer from England and the others are members of Spoon. Mostly indie rock/pop music going on here. You have your basic drums, guitar, bass, and sometimes piano. Female vocals with the ocassional backup vocal. Most songs have a very similar sound, and she likes to sing about cars a lot. Also a lot of songs about love. Many of these songs are really fun and of course have very catchy lyrics. Overall I really liked this album. Recommended for anyone playing indie rock or pop. All songs are at least pretty good, but nothing completely blew me away.
My Picks: 2, 9, 10, 12
Katie P. 3/26/03

1) Starts with guitar picking and upfront vocals. Band comes in with a solid midtempo indie rock/pop song. Pretty fun.
2) Midtempo song with a darker feel to it. Catchy lyrics and totally fun indie pop song.
3) A little faster with a lighter feel. Bouncy song.
4) Starts with quiet guitar picking again. Band comes in with a solid midtempo indie rock song.
5) Solid indie rock tune that has a bit of a bounce to it. Totally catchy lyrics and a fun song.
6) Faster midtempo with a solid driving beat. Funny song with lots of lyrics about cars and driving.
7) Slower song and kind of sad. Repetitive lyrics.
8) Midtempo and totally fun pop song. Super catchy lyrics. Nice bah-da-da backup vocals.
9) A little faster and a fun pop song. Very catchy lyrics. Cute backup vocals ala Papas Fritas.
10) Cool tom-toms on drums. Solid driving midtempo song. Kind of sad little love song. Chorus is pretty bouncy.
11) Midtempo and kind of moody, but still a cute pop song.
12) Piano starts this one. Wow, this has great layered harmonized vocals. The vocals totally make this track. Really nice. Kind of sad.

Track Listing
1. Tonight   7. Silver
2. Drive It Like You Stole It   8. Wake Up the Heroes
3. The Loan Sharks   9. Got a Car, Got a Job
4. Friend of the City   10. Abc (Waiting for You)
5. Everything to Lose   11. Forget It
6. 0-60   12. Lying About My Age