Biafra, Jello / Machine Gun in the Clown's Ha
Album: Machine Gun in the Clown's Ha   Collection:Spoken Word
Artist:Biafra, Jello   Added:Nov 2002
Label:Alternative Tentacles Records  

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Album Review
Your Imaginary Friend
Reviewed 2003-01-29
Typical excellent spoken word Jello fare on recent events: poignant, right on the money, searingly witty, smart, well researched. Just goes on and on about just about every issue related to Bush, 9/11, the war in Afghanistan/Iraq, world trade, Bush’s stealing the White House in 2000 election. He never comes up for air- three cd’s worth (!!) all riveting and timely and great. Nearly impossible to give a detailed synopsis of each track, but below is general topics covered. All of it is good, really good. Play any!! Before its too late…

1) America is now under martial law, The War Against Terrorism (“TWAT”)
2) bush’s manipulation of 9/11 for special interests, NAFTA, Lynn Cheney “tipper gore” of patriotically correct
3) John “AshCrack” and the patriot act, “terrorist” charges, drug sniffing dogs, big brother
4) 1984, endless war, Star Wars, World Court, Treaty breaking, one FCC (“fuck em”)
5) anti-american post war retribution, where jello was on 9/11
6) more 9-11 memories of how the flames of war were fanned, tv absurdity and media’s manipulation of the public, “does ossama bin laden exist?”, gulf of tonkin
7) bin laden-bush administration connections, more media slamming
8) duh-bya slamming, frat boy, quotes, scary-funny, goes into some story about his high school teacher, stand up comedy sorta that should be ingnored

1) “support the president”, not, the corrupt state of bush’s cabinet, Ashcroft’s phobias with breasts, ,faith based initiatives “violent fundamentalist Christian fanatics”
2) CIA, dubious usa connections to global bad guys, recent history of Afghan conflicts, how the US got it all going, drug supply connections
3) no way to “win a war on terrorism”
4) middle eastern retributions, revenge, corruption
5) impact on environment, workers (airport security), alternatives to Bush’s approach, transportation, iraq sanctions, the Israel problem
6) “show ‘em we mean business, go shopping!!”
7) we are patriots because we are interested in long term solutions, the environment, not blind loyalty to george w. bush, comments on the “fake” dead kennedys, get a sense of humor, a whos who, slam on Clear Channel silliness post 9-11 and a plea for internet radio, pirate, underground radio (!!!yay!!!)
8) more commentary on Gulf War I
9) protests, WTO, global, activists, right wing/racists in Europe taking power, TWAT needs to be opposed

1) Bush’s stealing the election in Florida- issue of “voting while black”
2) wait, Ralph Nader didn’t cost Gore the election, Tipper Gore “Bitch” Tipper Stickers
3) California fake energy crisis, Enron, price gouging, privatization gone wrong
4) too much corporate power, don’t cooperate with them - don’t give them your money - support local and independent vendors, ~5:00 in: evil “fundamentalist radicals” “more (fill in the blank) than thou”, corporate censorship, equip your kids with bullshit detectors
5) Joey Ramone: how they influenced Jello (several nonchalant FCCs), subtle justifications for record signings, just a big tribute

Track Listing
1. The Big Ka-Boom PT.2-69   4. ...And Gore Made Us Want to
2. The Big Ka-Boom PT.70-666   5. The Rolling Blackout Revue
3. Cowboy Cornholio & the Sunsh   6. 12 Steps to Corporate Free
  7. Joey Ramone