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Artist:Various Artists   Added:Oct 2002

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Album Review
Your Imaginary Friend
Reviewed 2002-12-13
Collection of various hipsters doing singer songwriter acoustic folky ballad heavy pieces but a few are more Beck’ish with strange effects, drums and fuzzy guits (good stuff). People like Calvin Johnson and the Microphones are involved. Definitely a pacific northwest sort of thing. Some good stuff, some really bad stuff too.

1) Karl Blau: super trippy effects to this minimal pop song, upbeat
2) The Gift Machine: distinct Beck feel, more cool treatments
3) The Crabs: girl singer songwriter folky pop
4) The Microphones: sounds like calvin Johnson on back ups in there, slow moody with brushed drums, mildly tawny
5) Glen Des Jardins: like wendy carlos playing twinkle twinkle little star on 6 moogs
6) Sandman: solo guy singing w/ acous guit strummed
7) Jacob Navarro: a couple of acous guits, with guy singing, folky
8) The Blow: minimal electro stuff and treatments, casio beat, female understated vocals, the very first electroclash folk song ever!
9) Brian Malloy: acoustic pseudo country spoof, almost funny w/ sound effect clichés but mostly barf in that “gee isn’t funny to pretend to be white trash” sorta way
10) Talking About Flying: kinda strange reverby minimal pop, just two low tuned acoustic guits and vocs, interesting delivery
11) The Stubborn Deaf: synth pop instrumental w/ real sounding drums and found sound layers, cool
12) Little Wings: pleasant semi low fi solo acoustic/male voc ditty
13) Laura Veirs and Danny Barnes: upbeat bluegrass
14) Dennis Driscoll: cutesy low fi harmonized vocs w/ toy instruments
15) Nate Ashley: cute upbeat sorta late 60’s with recorder/flute
16) The Skinless Antidragons: lots of reverb, low fi recording, beat, plus acous guits and dreamy vocs give this a sorta psyche feel
17) Calvin Johnson: deep voice as usual with a few plucked notes
18) Button Happy: cute pop w/ girlie vocs, full band restrained
19) Adam Clayton Forkner: annoying a capela then stereo plunking on a piano
20) Darrin Mathies: hillbilly music feel w/ strange effects and layered vocs
21) D+: painful guy and guit, turns

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Karl Blau Spin Round and 'round
2. Gift Machine, the Do What I Do
3. Crabs, the Patch It Up
4. Microphones, the I Cut My Hands Off
5. Glen Des Jardins Intermission 2
6. Sandman Bruised Fruits
7. Jacob Navarro River Takes the Train
8. Blow, the Faith Children
9. Brian Malloy Cornflakes
10. Talking About Flying Attic
11. Stubborn Deaf, the After Dinner Music
12. Little Wings Look at What the Light Did
13. Veirs, Laura The Water's Gone
14. Driscoll, Dennis The Happy Lucky Girl
15. Ashley, Nate Two Sides of the V
16. Skinless Antidragons, the Joe
17. Johnson, Calvin I Can't Believe It's True
18. Button Happy Skyscraper
19. Forkner, Adam My Voice, Then Piano
20. Mathies, Darrin Wash Off the Dust
21. D+ Take You for Grante