Various Artists / Earth N Bass Vol 1
Album: Earth N Bass Vol 1   Collection:General
Artist:Various Artists   Added:Jul 2002
Label:Triloka Records  

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Album Review
Reviewed 2003-04-10
Fun, creative remixes of world music for the electronica crowd. A hipper Deep Forest with lots of synths and traditional music for interesting textures with a strong beat.
1 – Cool, understated spage-age sounds, chanting,
*2 – Chanting, ethereal flutes to a strong mid-tempo backbeat
3 – Airy flutes, African percussion, West African call-and-response singing, rapid backbeat
*4 – Driving samba beat, very danceable, male vocals, catchy tune
5 – Guitar-like synths and droning synth backdrop, male and female vocals, sounds almost Jamaican, later, strong percussion
*6 – Electronica with pretty, female Indian vocals, trad. flute, lots of synths, combination of vocals with percussion
7 – Piano, synths, powerful beat, banjo-like instrument, male and female vocals and chanting (North Afr. sound)
8 – Fast beat, space-age synths, chanting/singing, jungle sounds
9 – Powerful, fast beat, African chanting, jungle/synth sounds, neat space-age effects
*10 – Middle Eastern percussion, kora, plaintive strings, rapid beat
*11 – Fast beat, Space-age synths, East African female singing (very electronically altered)
*12 – Understated beat with ethereal, slow, sensual Portuguese female vocals, minimalistic piano…very cool

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Mighty Junn Future Days Introduction
2. SULTAN32 Dias Futuros (Lando Calrissi
3. Ex-Centric Sound System Ebaye
4. Manu Chao Clandestino (Latino Remix)
5. Tarika Madindo (Transglobal Undergr
6. Kale, Karsh Distance
7. Momo Dourbiha
8. Kalahari Bushmen Soul Drummers (Celebration M
9. Temple of Sound Yo Afro
10. Wahab, Mohammed Abdel Inta Omri Remix (Jean Mouawa
11. Gigi Zomaye (Bill Laswell Remix)
12. Gilberto, Bebel Tanto Tempo (Peter Kruder Re
13. Krishna Das Baba Hanuman (Dub Farm Remix