Various Artists / Sunset Series Vol. 3
Album: Sunset Series Vol. 3   Collection:General
Artist:Various Artists   Added:Jul 2002
Label:Pagan Records (Uk)  

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Album Review
Reviewed 2002-08-06
COLL: Sunset Series Vol. 3: Thailand Sunsets (mixed by Ben Turner)
Label: Pagan Records

I reviewed the first two of the Sunset Series, and this one, the third, is really nice. The first two were a bit more downtempo-electronic, whereas this one gets into new-age & world music a lot more. And by no means does the new-age sound boring – in fact, many of the new-age-y tracks are ambient tracks released on very respected underground electronic labels such as F Communications and Force Inc. This is a great compilation, nicely mixed, and works for world-music or ambient-downtempo shows. Try all. Best is 2,4,5,8,10,13.

1. slow bassline, long flowing sax tones, gentle trip-hop beat
2. Latin-y percussion and a mix of world-y instrumentation w/ fem. vox in Spanish
3. lush synthesizers, catchy melody, snappy drums – kind of synth-pop-ish
4. snappy breakbeats, deep dub-ish bass, sugar-y vocals, builds up tempo
5. new-age – some guitar & ocean sounds & pretty synths
6. relaxed Spanish folky love song with guitars, maracas, & some synths
7. flowing synths and nature sounds, with some snappy hi-hats
8. relaxed world-y pop (African?) ballad – really catchy – very good
9. folky pop ballad – mellow guitars & flowing synths – but builds up nicely
10. pianos, ambient synths, nature-sounds & birds – new age – but memorable
11. new-wave-y synth-y pop, catchy melody – kind of cool
12. reverb-ed piano loop dance-y beats – simple but effective
13. warbly synths & guitar, reverb-ed vocals & effects – really nice & mellow

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Alex Kid U's Song
2. A Certain Ration Salvador's
3. English Electric If You Want It Bad Enough
4. Myers, Ralph Nikita
5. Beltran, John Subsurface
6. Gerd Clarao De Luna
7. Beltran, John Anticipation
8. Fassie, Brenda Msindo
9. A Man Called Adam Love Forgotten
10. Nova Nova Tones
11. Lighthouse Family Free
12. Polygon Window If It Really Is Me
13. Love Inc. Life's a Gas