Zingaro/Leandre/Tramontana / Chicken Check in Complex, the
Album: Chicken Check in Complex, the   Collection:Jazz
Artist:Zingaro/Leandre/Tramontana   Added:Jun 2002
Label:Leo Records  

Recent Airplay
1. Aug 01, 2006: Umami Jazz Program
3. Jul 19, 2002: Memory Select
Broken Strings and Falling Hair
2. Aug 16, 2002: Memory Select

Album Review
Craig Matsumoto
Reviewed 2002-06-27
Free improv with violin, bass, trombone. Zingaro on violin keeps things active and even bouncing, which is good because these particular instruments can get bogged down in the click-and-squeak kinds of noises rather easily. I'm still not big on trombone improv --too many trombonists obsess on timid, curly noises instead of the big booming notes their instrument demands. The trombone here is much the same, but its role is often to provide background color while the violin and bass craft wild, swirling patterns.

1- Quiet, slowly moving
2- Low-level rustle, mid/fast
3- Dramatic, tense, mid/fast
4- Fast, bright, nice violin lines
5- Quiet
6- Trombone solo, sparse
7- Dark rustle
8- Pretentious art-film feel. Short.
9- Fast clicks and groans
10-- Dark, mid/fast
11- Tuneful! and cool, with percussive sounds and wordless female vocal. Pleasant stuff.

Track Listing
1. Cue in Chemistry   6. Adesso Voglio Fare ...
2. A Voir De Tout Pres   7. Unique
3. Broken Strings and ...   8. Intimate Study
4. Game Strategy   9. Rise From Obscurity
5. Poorly Done in Pink   10. Overall Planning
  11. Em Espera - Waiting Orders