Birth / Find
Album: Find   Collection:Jazz
Artist:Birth   Added:Jun 2002
Label:Hopscotch Records  

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Album Review
Craig Matsumoto
Reviewed 2002-08-08
These guys are great. Sax-bass-drums trio with lots of energy and lots of youthful loudness. Compositions start with recognizable jazz elements and often a klezmer touch, but from there they add high-energy outside soloing and the occasional spasm of electronics.

They develop grooves that hold a fast, tight pace, but they also show off a slower, moodier side on tracks like #3 or the intro to #2.

A lot of their energy is better conveyed live than on CD. You can capture some of that live spirit by being sure to play this one loud!

Track Listing
1. Seek   5. Untitled R_D
2. Smile   6. Emitter
3. The Round One   7. Pakora Menorah
4. Bismillah   8. Because the Sky Is Blue