Ugly Casanova / Sharpen Your Teeth
Album: Sharpen Your Teeth   Collection:General
Artist:Ugly Casanova   Added:Jun 2002
Label:Sub Pop Records  

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Album Review
Craig Matsumoto
Reviewed 2002-07-17
Isaac Brock (of Modest Mouse) side project, in which he indulges his country and acoustic impusles but also tosses in plenty of "urban" touches (lyrics chanted into a megaphone, e.g. 2, 8). Overall slow stuff but it's still got some rockers and quite a few biting moments. Kind of Tom Waits-like in places (6, 10).

1- Uptempo pop, subdued feel
2- Slow, kinda urban? with chanted chorus, heavy beat
3- Solid midtempo, says "they rock" too many times
4- Sad, quiet
5- 30-second blip
6- Slow, clunky, almost like industrial country.
7- Acoustic riffing.
8- Bright and tough. Steady click-beat, filtered screaming spoken word, some wah-wah guitar.
9- Weird w/ falsetto vocs.
10- Dark, catchy march
11- *FCC* Country tune w/banjo and slide guitar
12- *FCC* sort of ("cum on the piano"). Good rocking number.
13- Hazy blur of guitars, nice.

Track Listing
1. Barnacles   7. Cat Faces
2. Spilled Milk Factory   8. Ice on the Sheets
3. Parasites   9. Beesting
4. Hotcha Girls   10. Pacifico
5. (No Song)   11. Smoke Like Ribbons
6. Diamonds on the Face of Evil   12. Things I Don't Remember
  13. So Long to the Holidays